The Boyfriend List By E. Lockhart

Smore By Kaylee Griswold


Ruby Oliver is the main character. The book is all about her and her boyfriends, or guys she's liked. One of her boyfriends, Jackson Clarke, dumps her for the popular girl of the school. Everyone knows about it since she goes to a small, art school. Meghan, the girl she carpools with, tries to be there for Roo after the break up. But Ruby dislikes Meghan. She odes not want to be friends with Meghan, Meghan is just her carpool buddy. Ruby ends up going to a therapist since she starts having panic attacks. Ruby doe not really like her therapist she thinks her therapist needs more help than she does.

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Ruby Oliver's sophomore year is turning into a major disaster. In less than one week, she has lost her boyfriend, her best friends, a lacrosse game, and everything that was ever important to her. Ruby starts making a list of boyfriends, guys she has liked, guys she has thought were cute, and guys she has never even talked to but kind of liked. She makes many different rough drafts of the lists and one of the rough drafts is found by someone at school. That is when everyone at school begins to start rumors about her. That becomes very hard on Ruby and she begins to have more panic attacks, so she has to handle that in therapy as well as everything else.

The Boyfriend List


The location of the story is never actually defined. From what I could tell though it sounded like Seattle, Washington. Ruby and her family live on a house boat. The area around them is some what urban, there are lots of eating establishments, urban neighborhoods, and other things. The reason they live on a houseboat is because her father has a plant nursery on the outside deck. You could say he is kind of a botanist.
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