Eating Healthier!

By: Emma Johnson

The Baddest Kind of Food: Fast Food

Yes, fast food is taste good and smells excellent even I can say that and sometimes I do eat it, but after I consume all that I feel terrible and then I think that most of our world eat there everyday and I was just wondering how they can handle that feeling everyday. Eating fast food can cause health problems in the body, can get you sick, and can cause death.

Below shows all the problems you can get when you get obese because of fast food.

The amount of food you should consume per day...

Everyday you should always have some dairy, fruits and vegetables, some grains and protein. Depending on how big and tall you are, you should have at least 2400- 2600 calories or less per day. That is not a lot but that is why you have to watch what you eat. You may make a low fat salad or have a fruit smoothie or a low calories bar. Meals are going to be the hardest but just chnaging the salad dressing or how much salt you put on and in recipes, you eill be suprised you may eat less calories or the right amount. Below is a chart that shows how much dairy, fruit and vegtanles, grains, and protein you should at least consume a day.

Being healthier=being more positive

If you start eating healthier and start working out, you will start seeing you losing weight, being more who you really are, sleeping better, and getting rid of all your sicknesses (obesity, headaches, drowsiness, etc.).

Some motivation/encouragement to get you started

To get you started on this journey, you need to go home and throw away all the unhealthy food and focus on your healthy food categories. If you need to track how much food you consume, track it on a healthy tracker app or website. Second just take some time for 30-60 minutes of the day to go workout, whether it is going to walk the halls on an off period or go home and do yoga or go on a nice 1 mile jog/walk and then increase the distance after you achieved 1 mile. Set reminder on your phone that encourages you to do this or have a good motivational quote as your back ground. Follow healthy tips or healthy twitter usernames or just print a picture out of what you want your body to look like and hang it up where you see it every morning. Yo can do it and always tell yourself that. Never quit. JUST DO IT!!!!!!

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!