Virtual Learning Academy Newsletter

May 9, 2021

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What's happening at VLA this week?

We enjoyed having students on campus to complete their KPREP testing this week! Thanks to the district assessment staff, Dr. Jenkins and Mrs. Clement for making KPREP happen for our students.

The 2021-2022 application window for new to VLA students is open and can be accessed from our school webpage. If you know a student that would be a great addition to VLA, please share the application information with them. The window is set to close May 14th. Current VLA families who plan to continue with VLA DO NOT need to complete the application, this is just for new students.

This week's newsletter has information about the following:

  • Elementary Field Day
  • Chromebook Collection for summer
  • Student Success Story
  • Derby Fun in 1st Grade
  • Teacher spotlight
  • Summer Program List from Partners for Youth
  • PTA News

We just have 7 days of school left! Make each one count! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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VLA Chromebook Collection

All FCPS students will return their Chromebooks before heading out for the summer. The district needs to assess the Chromebooks, make repairs and replace them as needed. If your student is participating in Summer Ignite, they will be reassigned a Chromebook prior to starting. We will be hosting a Drive Through Chromebook Collection on Wednesday, May 19th from 1:00 - 6:30pm at the VLA Headquarters located at 1126 Russell Cave Road. Please plan to drive through and drop off your student's Chromebook, charger and hot spot at that time. We will send another email communication this week with more details.

Student Success Story: Hallie Oakes

Hallie will be recognized as one of the T2 Science Spotlight students this term. Hallie has perfect attendance for all Biology class Zooms and activities. In addition, she has a stellar record of turning in every assignment on or ahead of the pace. Hallie also excels with insightful answers and thoughtful discussion. I truly appreciate Hallie's hard work and dedication. Congrats Hallie!

- Ms. Rebecca Miculinich, HS Science Teacher

And they're off! First Grade Derby Party

Last Friday, Ms. Cook's class celebrated with a Derby party! Below is a picture of the class and some of the derby hats and horses they made! Great job 1st graders!

Teacher Spotlight: VLA Teachers!

Being a virtual teacher is no easy task and our VLA teachers do a great job everyday to engage students and keep them on track for success! Our teachers were grateful for the kind words from their students and families during teacher appreciation week including:
  • Hi! Just want to thank you for all you do. Your passion for teaching shows. Thanks for being a great teacher Michael and Micah!
  • Good afternoon, Damien has told me you are his favorite teacher!

The admin team at VLA loves their teachers too! Being a completely virtual school, we don't get to celebrate teachers in the same way with them not on campus, so we sent care packages there way to let them know how much we appreciate all they day each day!

2021 Summer Break “I DO” Program List: Identifying Opportunities, Developing Relationships & Organizing Partnerships for Youth!

Dear Lexington Community,

Program Providers and Community Partners work so hard to provide positive youth programming; and Partners for Youth wants to make sure that their efforts are recognized and supported. One way that we like to support them is to educate the community about the free and affordable positive youth programs they provide that are available in Lexington and the surrounding area. We do this by developing and maintaining the “I DO” program list from information they provide us; and distributing that list during the School year, spring break, and summer break to organizations and partners in our list serve so that they can share with their youth and families.

Thanks for being a Partner for Youth!


Angie Green Hampton

Hampton Community Partners Coordinator

Partners for Youth

VLA PTA Update

Thank you to everyone who attended our first VLA PTA meeting. If you are interested in being a PTA officer, please email Ms. Clement ( Please provide your name and the position that you wish to campaign for:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
More information about each position can be found in this document.

Virtual Learning Academy

Jamie Burch, Interim Program Director

April Clement, Administrative Dean

Steve Jenkins, Counselor/HS Administrative Dean

Camie Pettyjohn, Administrative Assistant