Dead or Alive

Mary Read

  • illegitimately born in England. Mother dressed her as a boy her whole life to replace dead legitimate brother, Mark. Joined the British military in her teen years. She fell in love with a Flemish soldier, shortly after they were married. Mary used her money from the military to manage a inn, The Three Horseshoes, near Breda Castle in The Netherlands.
  • After her husband died she joined the military again, but quit and hopped on a ship to the West Indies. Her ship was taken over by and was forced to join. Later she joined pirate John "Calico Jack" Rackham and his female companion, pirate Anne Bonney.
  • Somewhere in the Caribbean Islands.
  • Tall, skinny, manly dressed woman with long brown hair. Mary has distinct rose colored cheek bones, brown eyes, and bushy eyebrows.
  • Mary enjoys singing, writing, fishing, and sharpening her sword.
  • She likes all kinds of foods, Males, being a pirate, the color red, and being lookout.
  • She Dislikes rude individuals and anything pink.
  • Mary hangs out mostly in her cabin or at the stern of the ship.
  • Mary Read is wanted for the "murder" of one her shipmates.