The thing about it and what it can do....

The Thing about programming

It is the task of giving a computer a task to do. this task can be like to calculate mathematics or to make video games. there are many different programming languages but they are all basically the same and are translated into the same language... binary. binary is the language of the computer and the only language it can understand. binary comprises of 1's and 0's and is in a pattern of 8 to make a byte.
There are many programming languages out today like Java, c/c++/c#, Perl, Ruby, php, etc. click the title above to view a blog about the languages of programming

Need Help with some of the languages?

here's a link to the compsci, a canadian site for programmers.

The programming languages

The video below talks about the many programming languages out there today.
Computer Science for Everyone - 5 - Types of programming languages

The many programming languages

the link below will bring you to a post that has every programming language to date.
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Gabe Newell, the creator of Steam and Half-life engines.

Gabe Newell who is the co-founder of valve since 1996, had built both the half-life engines and the game store Steam.

The Costs and needs to be a programmer

for learning a programming language you can pay for an online course or go and learn for free by doing it yourself. you'll need a good computer that's up to date or close to the newest pc hardware spec's if your wanting to make video games or a cost efficient computer like a work laptop if your making small projects like applications meant for the work forces like microsoft word.

if your a video game developer and you need a game engine and dont have the skills to make your own then here are some links to some good game engines.

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The motion to get more people into programming

the video below is a video that is about a motion to get more people into programming
Computer Programming | A short interesting film