Your library became Freytastic

What Mrs. Frey accomplished in just six months

Salmon River High School

Collection and circulation

More students are checking out books.

Average number of items checked out:

Jan-May, 2012: 7 per day, 120 per month

Jan-May, 2013: 13 per day, 192 month

Average number of users:

Jan-May, 2012: 132 per month

Jan-May, 2013: 204 per month

Improvements to the collection:

Finalized budget and orders for 2012-2013 year:
  • Created book purchases to focus on Common Core-aligned nonfiction and high-interest graphic novels
  • Purchased titles missing from popular series
  • Updated magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Corrected science fiction books so that they are no longer separated from the general fiction in the catalog and collection

Reconciled collection

  • Labelled books checked out for more than a year as lost*
  • Deleted books marked as missing (not checked out) or lost (checked out and never returned) for over three years*

*Records have not been completed for several years

Created budgets and book orders for 2013-2014, using:

  • Teacher requests
  • Common Core standards and recommended texts
  • Reviews from national organizations and publications, including AASL and School Library Journal

The online catalog has more uses and looks better.

The library's online catalog underwent many changes:

  • Rearranged homepage to improve appearance
  • Edited and added new pathfinders for content-area projects
  • Added library news, including contests and programs
  • Added relevant, interesting links, including games, news sites, and more

Curriculum Support

  • Created pathfinders for research projects
  • Assisted students with research (online searches, databases, citations, and more)
  • Co-hosted "Doodle 4 Google" with art teacher
  • Shared ideas for using library resources in instruction through distribution of monthly newsletters
  • Provided support for study hall students completing assignments
  • Collaborated with art teacher to select the annual Library/Art award recipient


Doodle 4 Google Contest:

  • Created advertisements (print, digital, announcements) for school-wide contest
  • Created display for contest details and entries

National Library Week:
  • Created daily drawings and grand prize book giveaway to provide students with books

National Poetry Month:

  • Advertised national poetry contest
  • Created poetry display
  • Participated in National Poem in Your Pocket Day

Book Giveaway:

  • Provided students and staff with free books, discarded from the library's collection


The library is being used more than ever.

The library was chosen as a site for:

  • Study Hall
  • Professional Development sessions
  • Grade-level and department meetings
  • Club meetings
  • Regents testing
  • Class testing
  • Class activities

Study Hall

  • Averaged 30 students per period
  • Created policies and procedures for study hall students
  • Trained study hall staff in the usage of the library's online catalog, and the Dewey Decimal System
  • Assisted study hall staff in monitoring study hall students

Computer Lab

  • Averaged 4 periods of usage per day for classes
  • Used during conference days for staff training

Conference Rooms

Used for:

  • Testing accommodations
  • Regents language speaking exams
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Isolated work area for students with special needs

After School:

  • Averaged 4 students choosing the library for academic or recreational purposes per day
  • Averaged 4 club meetings per week, including 4H Mentoring, Health club, and others
  • Welcomed grade-level and department staff meetings

Representing the library

In the building and district:

  • Attended school wide staff meetings
  • Logged over fifteen hours of mentoring with Salmon River Elementary librarian
  • Met with other district librarians during the May conference day
  • Participated in the All-Night Grad Party's donkey basketball game
  • Attended school functions including drama productions, award ceremonies, and more
  • Hosted Community Based Work Experience student

In the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES:

  • Attended FEH School Library System spring liaison meeting
  • Reviewed nine books ahead of the September deadline for the 2013 fall book review, providing the library with free, new titles

In the professional community:

  • Published article in the May/June American Association of School Librarian's journal, Knowledge Quest
  • Participated in webinars conducted by ALA and AASL

But what about next year?

Looking Ahead

I'm working hard to ensure the library is in great shape for the 2013-2014 year.

Created budgets and book orders for 2013-2014, using:
  • Teacher requests
  • Common Core standards and recommended texts
  • Reviews from national organizations and publications, including AASL and School Library Journal

Completed collection analysis:

  • Completed inventory of collection
  • Surveyed every fiction title and nonfiction title in 000-499 for status, condition, and value, removing items no longer needed in the collection**
  • Set goals for collection development

Organized library program space and files:

  • Reorganized the Interlibrary Loan manual for easier usage and less paper consumption, adding relevant "how-to" documents**
  • Reorganized library office space to allow for more storage**
  • Created a file system for the library file drawers**
  • Filed copies of all of my lesson plans and materials for the incoming librarian

**Had not been completed in recent years