World Geo Final Exam Review

Kaylin Dombroski


Green Revolution - Campaign to increase food production for parts of the world that are overpopulated, used a variety of methods including increased irrigation, pesticides, and other genetically modified chemicals.

Stateless Nation - Culturally linked populations that are unrecognized in the international community and are not given a political voice.

Population Density - The average amount of people living per square kilometer in a country.

Plate Tectonics - Plates of large crust that float across the mantle and move across the earth.

Transboundary Pollution - Air and water pollution that crosses into other countries, regardless of where it originated.

Outsourcing - Relocating jobs outside of foreign countries.

Subsistence Farming - Only producing enough crops and livestock for family's survival.

Commercial Farming - Producing crops and livestock that is strictly for profit.

Cultural Assimilation - The process of sharing and absorbing parts of another persons culture and blending it with your own.

Cultural Hearth - A place where many cultures gather and share ideas, traditions, and beliefs with each other.

Cultural Diffusion - The spreading of a cultures traditions of beliefs from a central point.

Urbanization - A population shift from rural areas to cities, and what a city goes through to accomodate these changes.

Globalization - A process of integration and connection from a worldwide perspective of cultures, ideas, products, and viewpoints. But it can lead to pollution, an increased risk of pandemics, and loss of local traditions.