Suicide Awareness

By : Jasmine Felch

Warning Signs

  • Depression and hopelessness
  • Giving away possessions or otherwise settling affairs
  • Extreme sensitivity to what others say
  • Neglect of ot dramatic change in appearance
  • Personality changes such as apathy or moodiness

Verbal Warning Signs

"I want to die"

"I don't want to live anymore"

"What's the use"

"Nothing matters, who cares"

"I won't have to put up with this much longer"

How to Help

  • Suicide can be preventable and in almost all cases the person in screaming for help
  • Make sure to first show you care
  • Get them professional help as soon as possible
  • Talk directly to them about the problem and show empathy
  • Stress the temporary nature of the problems

Places to Get Help

  1. Vernon County (608)-637-1223
  2. Monroe County (608)-296-2117
  3. La Crosse County (608)-784-4357