Science Professional Planning Days

12/15 - 12/17/15

Biology & Physical Science Collaborative Meetings

Biology & Physical Science Collaborative Meetings will take place the first 'A' day of each week.

Instructional Framework

Instructional Frameworks provide a structure to assist teachers in designing and delivering effective instruction. Including the student's expectations within the framework allows for clarity of their responsibilities throughout the lesson. Posting the Instructional Framework in each classroom will ensure clear, school-wide communication of expectations.

TKES Alignment

The following TKES standards will be addressed during our Professional Learning portion today:

#2 - Instructional Planning

#3 - Instructional Strategies

#4 - Differentiated Instruction

#5 - Assessment Strategies

#6 - Assessment Uses

#7 - Positive Learning Environment

#8 - Academically Challenging Environment

Achievement Learning Descriptors (ALD's)

ALDs show a progression of knowledge and skills for which students must demonstrate competency across the achievement levels. It is important to understand that a student should demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills within his/her achievement level as well as all content and skills in any achievement levels that precede his/her own, if any. For example, a Proficient Learner should also possess the knowledge and skills of a Developing Learner and a Beginning Learner.
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