The Middle East

Arts, Recreation, Daily Life, Climate


This is a picture of a 1975 oil painting called "Feast in the Desert" by Fahrelnissa Zeid. Below is a song from Saudi Arabia.
SAUDI ARABIA song nice music "Bedouin"


From some time on the beach in Jordan, to a camel ride with the Bedouin, there are plenty of recreational activities in the Middle East. Soccer is a popular sport in Saudi Arabia. An interesting architectural building is called Emirates Palace.

Daily Life

Majid Talib

English teacher Majid Talib lives in a southern town called al-Faha, across the river from Basra, in the country of Iraq. He goes to work early in the morning, but it is hard to drive their because it is so busy and he has to cross the river to get to work. There are also many accidents because there are two lanes of traffic on a single road across the bridge. Majid works at a high school teaching English to boys ages 13 to 18 years old. The teachers do the best they can, but their textbooks are out of date and there is no extra money to buy better ones. The teachers are also not qualified. Majid also has to be careful about speaking English in the streets also, because some people think that English speakers are working for the government, and they will target them. There are many fanatics who would try to assassinate people working for the coalition. After morning of teaching, he eats lunch at 12 pm. He usually brings food from home, because food at the market is bad, and he has been sick from eating there. Majid usually leaves work at 3 pm. and goes home to run errands for his family, like getting oil from the gas station, or going to the water plant to get fresh water. They usually have four hours of electricity in the evening. In the evening, sometimes he goes down to the riverbank where people have barbecues and socialize, and he tries to avoid the city where the trouble is. Many of his students don't have time to socialize because they have to work to support their family. He says that it is hard to make plans for the future, since they don't know what will happen in Iraq, but his wish is to get a scholarship so he can get a Master's Degree in English so he can train teachers to teach English to the students in Iraq.

Yousif Abdulla

Yousif Abdulla is a gravedigger in Sheikh Muhyadin, the biggest and oldest graveyard in Kirkuk, Iraq. Yousif's first day on the job was in 1980 when his cousin was killed, and he built the grave for him. Most of the people who arrive in the cemetery are from the police, and many explosions happen in Kirkuk. In the past three years, Yousif has made 600 to 700 graves. Some were strangers, but others were his friends and neighbors.


The basic climate of the middle east is hot and dry, but winters are mild with a little rain. Rainfall and temperature depend on the region, and they change considerably between regions. The Caspian Sea Coast of northern Iran receives 200 cm. of rain a year, while the desert regions of Iran receive almost no rain for years. In the capital of Turkey, Ankara, average temperatures are 32 degrees fahrenheit in January and 73 degrees fahrenheit in July, while low lying regions of Jordan and Iraq have much more moderate winter temperatures. Summer temperatures usually hover around 85 degrees, but often rise to over 100 degrees.

United Arab Emirates