Greyhound Newsletter 9/24/21

Newsletter will be BI-WEEKLY beginning in October

Settling In

It feels like we are settling into the routine of the year as September comes to an end. This gives me hope that we won't have urgent information to share every week now and can move to a bi-weekly newsletter format starting in October. Next week's newsletter will have lots of information about HOMECOMING, October 4-9. We hope you are able to join us to support our teams, participate in dress up days, and come to the dance that Friday. Right now we are only hosting dances outside so if the weather is uncooperative, it will have to be canceled or postponed to later in the year when we can have them indoors again.

East now has nearly 100% of our chromebooks in the hands of our students. Thank you to all of our families for promptly completing the agreement! We will continue to reach out to the few remaining students who need that form completed to offer our assistance.

My last reminder for this newsletter is that masks are still required, at all times, by all people, inside ISD 709 facilities. We are struggling to supply the bulk of our student body with masks every day. Please bring one from home as often as possible! We also want to remind our students and visitors to throw away paper masks in a trash can, not on the floor or ground outside. Thank you!

Sportsmanship: A Priority and an Expectation

This fall we have struggled with student behavior at times during school events. While it often starts with one or two students, chants and poor behavior can spread rapidly. We have received concerned communication from our own fans, fellow students, officials, players, and coaches. We will be enforcing the following expectations at all of our school events and games. Please take some time to read and discuss the following message from Shawn Roed, Activities Director.

Student-athletes and fans who are good sports are positive role models within our schools and in the community at-large. A good sport knows that athletic competition builds character and shapes lifetime attitudes. He/she experiences additional educational and leadership benefits that come from participation in sports, activities, and fine arts. As a Fan, we know that how we act represents who we are, we are the spokesperson for our school. Our actions are viewed by family and friends, opposing fans, the local community, and the media.

Peace, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Enthusiasm are inherent principles of good sportsmanship and our school mission. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations, and graceful acceptance of the results.

As an athlete or fan of your school, your sportsmanship goals should include:
1. Developing a sense of dignity under all circumstances. Win or lose - avoid negative chants or trash talking
2. Respecting the rules of the game and the officials. Do not enter the field of play.
3. Respecting your opponents as fellow athletes and acknowledging that they are striving to do their best, while you do the same. No profanity, negative chants, booing, trash talking, or name calling.
4. Refraining from disrespectful behavior, specifically taunting, trash talking, and other forms of intimidation.Treat each person the way you would want to be treated - observe the "Golden Rule." Personal attacks and taunting are unacceptable
5. Looking at each game as a potentially beneficial learning experience, win or lose. Cheers like “start the bus” and chants directed at the opposing team or fans must be avoided. Just because other schools do it, doesn't mean we have to.
6. Educating other students and fans about rules of the game and values of sportsmanship is important to avoid the consequences of poor behavior: students will be asked to leave the game, they will not be allowed to attend future games, and if they are an athlete - they could face MSHSL code of conduct penalties.

As the Activities Director at East High School, my staff and I will not apologize for demanding that our fans and student athletes represent East High School with P.R.I.D.E. As a very proud Alumni and passionate Greyhound I expect the very best of all of us. Please also respect game workers, cheerleaders, site managers, staff, and others that help make these events available for you to enjoy. Your display of good sportsmanship will show the most positive qualities about you and your school, and remind us all that in the end, we are all Greyhounds together.

Go Greyhounds,

Mr. Roed

Duluth East Activities Director

Student and Family Help Desk

Duluth Public Schools families and students have access to Help Desk support:

The Help Desk is available to assist students and parents with questions related to district technical support issues, for example:

- District Chromebook support

- District hotspot support

- System login questions

- Filtering

- Limited personal devices and internet support

- Limited Digital Curriculum support

Homecoming Football Ticket Online Pre-sale

Skip the ticket booth line and come straight to the gate! Have the QR code ready to scan and you'll be able to walk right through!

Looking for Parking?

We know student (and staff) parking at East is a problem. We have very limited spaces in our lots and, despite leasing some spaces at a nearby church, typically have about 200-300 fewer spaces than we get parking applications for. This means we have many students looking for space on the street. Most of the streets near East are resident parking only. There are a few spots above the football field on Superior and some spots around Washington Square Park nearby.

Please do your best to honor the resident parking areas. This means we have many students who have to park blocks away. Be safe as you are walking and driving near East; we want to keep our students and staff safe!

We encourage athletes who will be returning late from away games to move their vehicles into the parking lot before they go into any open space. We want them to be in the lot and not walking to their cars on the streets at night.

Thank you for your understanding. We get a lot of angry calls every year at parking pass time. Unfortunately, we just don't have easy solutions. This year there are hundreds of students still on the wait list.

We will be revoking passes for students with unexcused absences at the end of each quarter and giving them to students on the wait list. Keep an eye on attendance and make sure to send notes in when students must miss.

If you didn't get a pass, please take a minute to look at the city's parking map. You can click this link and drag it to the area around East.

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Parents and Guardians, Set Up Your Observer Accounts in Canvas!

All grading will be housed in Canvas during the semester. Final grades will be posted to Infinite Campus, but you'll have to monitor Canvas to keep an eye on your student's progress.

Create a Canvas Observer Account

Parents and guardians can create an Observer account to track and support their student's progress.

You will need a Pairing Code in order to create an Observer account. This code is available in your student's Canvas account. When your student is signed in to Canvas, click Account and choose Settings. There will be a Pair with Observer button on the far right. Clicking this option will display your six-digit Pairing Code.

Your Pairing Code will be active for 7 days before it expires. Set up your Observer account soon so that your code is not expired when you are creating your Observer account.

This video tutorial will guide you through creating a Canvas Observer account using the steps described above.

Canvas Parent/Guardian Guides

The Canvas Parent Guide is a detailed PDF covering how to use the Canvas Parent app and its features on your device.

ISD 709 Duluth Public Schools Canvas LogIn

This is the link for all students, staff, and families of Duluth Public Schools.

Tutoring Available with St. Scholstica Students!

We are pleased to announce that ISD 709 is again partnering with the College of St. Scholastica to provide tutoring support to our students. Click the link to book support time:

Student COVID Reporting Form

Please use this link to report any positive COVID cases. Duluth Saliva Test Site: DECC Mon-Thurs: 11 A.M. - 6 P.M. Schedule an appt: Enter DECC parking lot east gate. Enter DECC Door D, to Paulucci Hall.

East Events Calendar

This is the summary document of all major events at EHS. For full details and team schedules, visit the link at the end of the newsletter. *ALL DATES AND EVENTS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to COVID, weather, etc.

Counseling Office Notes

2021 PSAT Exam Information


Click for resources both at East and in our local community for supporting student and family mental health.

Counseling Office Contacts:


Jenn LaBelle, Registrar: ext 2143,

Jamie Savre, Counselor (A-E): ext 2154,

Jessica Forsman, Counselor (F-La): ext 2041,

Morgan Costley, Counselor (Le-Re), ext 1262,

Laura Horton, Counselor (Rh-Z,) ext 1121,

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Join the conversation!

Duluth Public Schools is working with Marnita's Table to facilitate conversations exploring what is needed to provide safe and respectful school communities for all. We invite and welcome all community members to the sessions on September 22 and Denfeld and September 30 at East.

Here are our upcoming Stakeholder Conversations and Engagements:

  • Thursday, September 30 Evening- Final community wide conversation at East High School

Attention: Including students 16 and older:

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Notes and Resources from Outside Agencies (Not ISD 709)

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Class of 2022 ANGP Flyer

Click to learn about the volunteer led All Night Grad Party. This is an event organized and run by a parent/guardian volunteer group with the help of many local businesses.

ANGP Registration/Agreement Form

This form and payment can be turned in to the ANGP box located in the high school office at any time. Bring it to Jump Start! We will have paper copies available.

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Duluth East High School

Principal: Danette Seboe

Assistant Principals: Jon Flaa, Kyle Rock

Activities Director: Shawn Roed