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May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Spring Fling Info

Spring Fling is 5th grade Fun Night. Very similiar to Family Fun Night, but only 5th graders from Schumacher. Enjoy your evening if you are not volunteering, but make sure to sign your kiddo in and out. Siblings and kids from other schools will not be permitted to enter. Students must be physically signed in and out please do not drop them off at the door or send them as walkers. Students are asked to enter through the Kidzone doors downstairs only. If your child is traveling to or from Spring Fling with a different family or adult you will need to write out a note giving permission for them to drop them off or pick them up.

If you have additional questions please let me know. Spring Fling will be held from 6pm-8pm. Make sure to pick up your child no later than 8pm please. Thank you!

Reminder during MAP testing

We are testing in the morning and in the afternoon. Please give us advanced notice if students will be leaving anytime in the morning or afternoon. Some tests cannot be restarted once we get going. Thank you so much!

Spring Fling

We are in need of the following items for the Spring Fling event. Please send the items to the school no later than Monday May, 4th

Ice Cream: We need large containers for the ice cream sundae bar

Ice Cream toppings: If you like it on your ice cream someone probably will too!

Plastic Bowls

Plastic spoons

We have hot dogs coming for supper but we need




Nacho Chips (we have a lot of salsa)

Hair Paint! We are so excited to bring out the natural pinks, purples and green hair color that your son or daughter has been hiding for years! Please make sure that these wash out in a wash or two. We do not want to have highlighted hair for recognition night.

Candy for the candy walk. We will walk until the candy is gone.

We will be playing:

Dodge Ball

Just Dance

Goofy Golf (a parent has volunteered their set. If you have one and would allow us the use of it we would love to have another set or two) A tournament could arise!

Corn Hole – we have a small set but would love to have more. We could have a tournament if we could get a couple of sets of boards and bags. We will have parents watching this station to ensure the safety of your equipment.

We have two moms who have prepared a photo booth for us

We have exhausted all of our searches and there will not be a caricature artist. I know this was a highlight but we just cannot find a replacement.

The best way to contact Tammy Schrader is 567-274-8969. Text or leave a voice mail message or tschrader00@att.net

MAP testing SNACKS

I can't thank you all enough for your generous donations of snacks for MAP testing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Due to how many days we are testing we welcome any donations you want to send in still. Thanks so much!

What we did today


MAP testing Math Session 1


Classroom Math lesson

Important Dates

5th grade dates to remember:

- MAP testing – April 29 & 30, May 1, 4, 5, 6, & 7

- Spring Fling – May 8 (6-8pm)

- 5th Grade Recognition – May 12 (6:30pm)

- 5th Grade Picnic – May 13-teachers are taking care of all of this! :)

Other Important School Dates:

Wed, Apr 29-Thur, May 7- 5th Grade MAP Testing