Don't be rude, that's not cool Dude

First things first

Bullying. Why do people think it’s OK to bully others? Because it’s not. Bullying doesn't make anyone feel good and it never will. So might as well stop now while you can. All bullying does is cause pain and suicides. Some kids don’t even seem like they’re getting bullied, but sometimes depression is hidden with a smile, just to cover up the pain. Even the littlest thing can cause someone to feel bad. Joking about some small little flaw about them causes that flaw to stand out to them. Bad sportsmanship is also bullying, so if you''re being a jerk on the field, stop. Bullying isn't cool, it doesn't make anyone feel good if you're bullying and think it’s cool, STOP because it’s not. By stopping bullying, you’re making the world a better place.

If you're bullying

STOP. it's that easy. All you need to do is stop and apologize. No one should feel they mean nothing, just because you think it's funny, or you were just "joking" around. If you're trying to just act cool in front of your friends, get new ones. Them wanting you to hurt others is just them hurting you. So if you bullying follow these 3 simple steps

!. STOP, you first have to stop bullying before anything else.

2. Say you're sorry & be sincere they need to know you are sorry for making their life hard

3. Become friends, everyone should be friends, bullying shouldn't even be here, but it is because some people can't follow 3 simple steps.

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If you're being bullied

TELL SOMEONE. You always need to tell someone you are being bullied. I know sometimes it's hard to tell an adult what's going on, but trust me you will feel better knowing that there's someone who will help you get through this and care for you. STAND UP. Sometimes you need to remind the bully that their being a jerk and tell them to stop. Tell them you don't like what they're doing and they need to stop. Ignore them. I know it's really hard to, but if you ignore them they will get bored and leave you alone. Trust me you'll be glad you did.


If we live in a world of bullying, we are living in a world of suicide and hatred. If bullying doesn't stop that 38,364 of suicides will increase. Bulling is an unacceptable aspect of society. Bullying is just another word for pain,hate,jealousy etc...

If we stop bullying 38,364 will decease. The world we live in would be so Rad, everyone would get along and life would be chill and easier. We can make bullying disappear. No one could ever feel unloved again and it all starts with YOU!

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