Imagine Language & Literacy

Implementation Essentials

Program Overview

Imagine Language & Literacy is a program that can be used throughout the entire school year to help students reading at a PreK - 6th grade level progress through literacy, oral vocabulary, and grammar lessons on their own individualized pathway. Below are some helpful tips for implementing the program, along with the appropriate resources to assist you in using it with your students.

Imagine Learning University

One of the best places to learn about Imagine Language & Literacy is Imagine Learning University, a self-service education website designed specifically for busy educators. You can easily select courses that are relevant to your needs to work at your own pace through several series of 2-5 minute how-to videos and other training materials that will help you:

· Learn the essentials of program management and how to facilitate student sessions.

· Inform and enhance classroom instruction with the help of real-time data.

· Facilitate student success through innovative use of digital activities and offline materials.

You can print certificates of participation to count toward professional development credits. Please note: if it’s your first time using Imagine University, you will need to create a new account even if you have an existing login to other Imagine Learning products.

Account Info

Administrators, teachers, and students can access Imagine Language & Literacy at, or through ClassLink/Clever.
  • If you need an admin or teacher account created, please contact Customer Care.
  • Your district’s site code can be found on all student login cards.
  • Note: First language support is only available if the student’s First Language is set on their account. This can be edited at any time.

Technology Support - Click here for detailed set-up info for you and your tech staff, including a list of supported devices.

Student Launch

Be sure to introduce the program to your students and set up the expectations of usage and motivation before launching.

Use our administrator and teacher back to school checklists as guides for getting started.

You can also use the student videos found in the Student Experience course in Imagine Learning University.

NEW Galileo Benchmark Assessments

We are excited to announce the addition of the Galileo K-12 Benchmark, the newest member in the Imagine Learning product family. Galileo is our new assessment program and offers universal screeners, progress monitoring, and predictive capabilities that provide you with an idea of how well students will perform on state assessments. At the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, Imagine Language & Literacy benchmarks will be delivered using Galileo’s assessments and scoring system. Please take a moment to watch this teacher video about Galileo before administering the benchmark to your students. We also have student videos in Imagine Learning University with students modeling the assessment process that you can show your students before they begin.


We recommend that students use the program 3-5 times per week. Session times vary by grade level (Pre-K – K: 10-15 minutes, Grades 1-2: 20 minutes, Grades 3+: 25 minutes). This can be a combination of in-school and at-home work. Student sessions times are set by default to 20 minutes.


Teachers should be checking reports weekly to see who is on track, and intervene with students who are struggling.The Action Areas tool is a great resource to help target instruction by providing small groups of struggling students categorized by curriculum area skill, as well as appropriate resources and activities to use as interventions. This is a great feature to know about, be sure to check it out!


Motivation is key to success in Imagine Language & Literacy! Please consider a motivation contest or activity to push students toward success. For more information on our built-in motivation, Imagine Museum, please read this article.

Student Launch

Be sure to introduce the program to your students and set up the expectations of Usage and Motivation before launching. You can use the Student Assessment and Welcome Students videos found under the Student Experience course within Imagine Learning University.

Need Help?

Our Customer Care and Teacher Care teams are here to help you! You can call and/or text the number below, email our support team, or chat with us online.