By:Gracie Driggers

Who were the presidents during this period?

-William McKinley is from Niles, Ohio, US. He was a republican and charged with no scandals. He was part of the Spanish American War. He also signed the Gold Standard Act.

-Theodore Roosevelt is from Oyster Bay, NY. He is a republican and was not charged with any scandals. He signed the Hay Pauncefote Treaty and was part of the major economic downfall.

-William Howard Taft is from Cincinnati Ohio. He was a republican and was charged with some scandals. He passed the Mann Elkins Act of 1910 and he always focused on Domestic issues.

What were the Top ten highlights?

-May 17, 1900; L. Frank Baum writes the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

-December 17, 1903; Wright Brothers fly the first airplane in Kitty Hawk, NC.

-March 14,1903; Roosevelt dedicated the first Wildlife Refuge.

-October 27, 1904; NY gets the first Subway Line.

-December 13, 1904; Ice cream cones are introduced.

-April 18, 1906; Earthquake destroys most of San Francisco.

-February 3, 1907; Immigration reaches the highest.

-October 1, 1908; Henry Ford introduces the Model T.

-February 28, 1909; Matthew Henson becomes the first man to reach the North Pole.

-August 10, 1909; Coffee is a favorite American beverage.

Model T is sweet as tea!

The Model T is important to the decade because this was me of the first cars invented. It was invented by Henry Ford in 1908.

Romeo and Juliet hits cinemas today!

Year- 1900

Actors/Actresses- Emilio Cossira who played Romeo is the only one available.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

The song Take Me Out to the Ballgame hits number one today!

Year- 1908

Writer- Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth.