Kira Ramsey

End the problem here!

Bullying is a very serious thing especially when you are in high school. Some people push it off like it is no big problem, but it is! Bullying can hurt someone and even push them to dramatic choices. There have been cases where someone is so tired of the bullying and the pain that comes with it, they chose to end their life.


Being realistic bullying will never stop. Their will always be someone who feels the need to pick on you for something, but thatś not your fault. Some of them feel the need to pick on others to cover up the way they feel about themselves. No matter how many times a person says the words that you throw at them don´t hurt, theyŕe lying; of course your words hurt. At one point the words will take a toll on the person. So stop bullying now before it gets out of hand. You never know the choices you make could inspire someone else and start a chain reaction.