Skills and qualities

Skills and qualities needed in the army

What skills are needed in the army?

There are many skills that are needed in the army, some might be more useful to have than others but at the end, they are all very important and helpful to the soldiers.


It is one of those skills that some people have, and some don't have, teamwork allows you to work or to get on well with many different people when having to do some task or achieve an objective as a team. This skill is important because in the army you will be asked to do a lot of tasks by being in a team. For example, if soldiers will be on a training and they will have to check a building because they received information that enemy stores the weapons, ammunition etc. in that building, they will work together by splitting them selves from one big team into many smaller teams, they can successfully surround the building and enter it all at one time which will confuse the enemy by cutting all ways of escape and also make the job easier for the soldiers as they will not have to run around the building as one big group but they can split up and search the building or the rooms one by one, this also saves time.

Teamwork is required in all job areas in the army, for example in the air force, there are teams of airplane mechanics or engineers who look after the airplanes to avoid any damage being done to it by not checking the systems frequently.

Being organised-

This means that you have all the equipment needed for whatever task you need to complete. Being organised is an important skill to have in the army because often when e.g. soldiers in Afghanistan leave the base to go on patrol there will be no time for anyone to run back and get any equipment that they left in base such as ammo for their gun or even glasses to protect their eyes from the sand. This skill is required not just from the soldiers who fight on the front line, but also from the people that do their job in the office, they must look after all the paper work or reports to make sure nothing gets lost. And also keep everything tidy so they wont have problems to find any important documents.


Having good communication is important in the army, as well as in any other public service. Good communication means that you can communicate with different people in different ways, for example using another language when talking to someone from another country or e.g. using sign language. It is important because in they army you will have to communicate in order to complete the tasks or the missions successfully.

Communication is required in all jobs in the army, for example, soldiers in Afghanistan need communication skill to communicate with the civilians, most of them don't speak English so they might use some words that they have learned during the time they have been there or simply use sign language to show them what you are asking them.

Qualities needed in the army

Quality is something personal, that you have and it is something that cannot be learnt.Here are some qualities that are useful in the army:


If you are confident, it means that you don't have problems when talking to big groups of people, and also you know that what you do is right and you will succeed in it. It is an important skill to have because you must think positively about what you do and have that little push from yourself that you can do it and you will do it successfully. Confidence is required when e.g. being a soldier and being sent to a conflict such as the one in Afghanistan you must be confident that you go there to help the innocent people ant protect them.

Being calm in stressful situations-

This is a quality that not everyone has and surely it is good if you have it in the army. It is important that you have this quality because e.g. medics that are in the army must be calm, if they are sent to Afghanistan they are there to save life of civilians and their fellow army mates. If someone gets injured it is important that the medic does not panic because he/she needs to think carefully about what to do in order to save a life, if you are not calm, you will panic and you might make bad decisions. Being calm is also required in other jobs in the army, such as a tank commander, in that job it is important that you are calm because a tank although armored, it is easy target for the enemy due to its size. A tank commander must stay calm when e.g. being fired at by the enemy and make right decisions and give orders to the e.g. gunner to tell them which target to eliminate first.


Being honest means that you don't hide anything about yourself, or anything bad that you have done. Honesty is important in the army because without it you might not even get in the army, when you apply you are told to be honest, if you hide anything the army might check it and than you wont be serving in the army because you have lied or hided something. Honesty might be required when you are a soldier, and you shot an enemy after giving them several warnings to for example drop their weapon, you must be honest that what you tell is truth because you are not there to kill people who don't cause danger, you must also be sure that it was the right decision made.