The world wouldn't be the same

without John Atanasoff

John Vincent Atanasoff was an American physicist and inventor, best known for inventing the first electronic digital computer.Atanasoff was born in Hamilton, New York on 4 of October 1903. His father Ivan Atanasov was born in a country village named Boiajik, in Bulgaria. Ivan Atanasov's parents were killed in 1876 in the Bulgarian war against the Turkish slavery when he was 1 year old. 12 years later in 1889 he immigrated in United States with his uncle.

The invention of the computer

Atanasoff is known as the father of the computer.With the help of one of his students Clifford E. Berry, in Iowa State College, during the 1940s, he created the ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) that was the first electronic digital computer.From 1939 until 1941 they worked at developing and improving the ABC, Atanasoff-Berry Computer, as it was later named." The ABC computer was the first electronic digital computing device. It was designed with a specific purpose, to solve systems of simultaneous up to 29 linear equations.

Some of his pictures

Atanasoff died in 1995 of a stroke at his home after a lengthy illness. He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Mount Airy, Maryland. There is a monument to John Atanasoff in Sofia,Bulgaria