Facebook for Your Business

Learn ways that Facebook could be used to grow your business

Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Want to know the secret to improving your brand? Have you invested in a new business but can not figure out how to grow it? If so, join me as I provide tips on how social media sites, such as Facebook in particular can assist you in growing your business and how it could result in an improved brand.

Facebook is the largest social networking site online. Over two hundred million people log in to Facebook everyday. And now more than 2 billion businesses worldwide are using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, and that number is increasing everyday.

Friday, June 21st 2013 at 7pm

By attending ‘Facebook and How it Could Help Grow Your Business and Improve Branding’ you will learn how Facebook, a social networking website, is essential in connecting businesses with potential consumers. By creating a Facebook business page or fan page both consumers and business owners will benefit. The Facebook fan page allows users who have agreed to become fans of your business to receive updates via their wall or news feed. Akar and Topku stated that, “Consumers using social media platforms can generate, edit, and share online information about companies, products, and services. They can also create online communities and networks that direct where information flows out of a business’s control”. In many ways Facebook can be used to build a good reputation, increase current and potential customer support and overall benefit your business.

You will learn…

  • · The difference between a personal profile and a business page on Facebook
  • · How to set up my business page
  • · How to get people to ‘Like’ your Facebook Business page
  • · How having a Facebook business page going to help grow a business

So bring your listening ears and get ready to learn how Facebook could grow both your business and brand presence.

Guaranteed to be informative and beneficial for your business.