The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

September 6, 2015 Edition

Important Dates to Note


9/2-3: Staff Professional Days

9/8: 1st Day of School!

*5th grade schedules will begin the 1st day of school - including ALR, ALM, BSI, spec ed

*All specials begin the 1st day of school

9/14: Rosh Hashanah – No school

9/15 - Pull-outs begin - special education, BSI math, ALM 4, EA, 4th & 5th WIN

9/15 - PLCs begin (therefore, HR buddies need to begin their coverages)

9/15 - All IEPs need to be read in Tracker

9/15-9/30 - Universal Screenings/RTI assessments

9/17: Back to School Night

9/18 - All Field Trip forms due.

*Forms are available in Google Drive, search under "Curriculum Office".

9/23: Yom Kippur – No school

9/29: Picture Day


10/5 - Tier 3 interventions

10/30 - SGO due and entered into OnCourse

**All specialists whose classes do not begin immediately should assist HR teachers with initial assessments before your classes begin

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Lesson Plan Checks

I will be checking lesson plans on OnCourse in a similar manner to last year (see schedule below). The administrator who works with you on your SGOs will be the admin checking your plans. Just as a reminder, please make sure to incorporate the OnCourse lesson plan template components as a minimum - you can add on, but those are the bare minimum that you need to include in your plans. These include:

1. Standards

2. Differentiation

3. Assignments

4. Objective(s)

5. Pre-assessment/Introductory Activity

6. Instructional Application(s)/Activity

7. Evaluation of Objective

1st week of the month: K and 1st grades

2nd week of the month: 2nd and 3rd grades

3rd week of the month: 4th and 5th grades

The administration spent a considerable amount of time over the summer examining Domains 1 and 4 in Danielson. We reviewed data in OnCourse from the 14-15 school year to determine areas of focus for the upcoming school year. We decided that although we will be looking at all key components in your lesson plans when they are reviewed on a monthly basis in OnCourse, we will have a focus on specific elements in Domain 1 throughout the year. The elements we selected as our areas of focus we believe are the most challenging in domain one. Our goal is to be able to provide meaningful feedback to move staff into the highly effective range. We will use what we are seeing to discuss at our administrative meetings throughout the year so we can provide staff professional development opportunities in areas of need. Please see the shared document with this week's email for the topics by month.

In addition to your lesson plans, please send your PLC minutes to me during your assigned week. Whoever is the note-taker can send them, or if you share the document with me, just be aware that I will be reviewing them during your week.

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Back to School Night

Our BTS night this year is scheduled for Thursday, September 17th. We will follow the same schedule as last year, but we will rotate the grade levels, as is past practice. Please see the schedule below, and let me know if there are any questions/concerns/etc...


Time/ Event/ Location

6:00-6:30pm/ 2nd & 3rd grades/ Individual Classrooms

6:35-7:00pm/ Ms. Smith’s Welcome, PTO, TASK/ Cafeteria

7:05–7:35pm/ 4th & 5th grades/ Individual Classrooms

7:40-8:10pm/ K & 1st grades/ Individual Classrooms

7:00-7:45pm/ Special Area teachers, CST/ Cafeteria

Room Parents and Grade Level Collections

One thing the PTO brought to my attention over the summer was the discrepancy between grade levels and the amount of money collected from families, along with the number of times throughout the year that money was collected.

They understand that different grade levels have different types of trips, parties, requirements, etc... so that would explain why the amount is not always the same each year. However, it would be most helpful for them if, as a grade level, you could put together one amount and ask the Room Parents to collect that at the beginning of the year - just the one time. This way, parents aren't feeling as if they are constantly being asked for money throughout the year.

Gator Gathering Sign-Ups

If you haven't already done so, please make sure your grade level signs up for a marking period. Exact dates for our GGs will be forthcoming. Thank you!

Rick Wormeli - Part 2

As mentioned in our summer edition of the Tidings and at our faculty meeting, Rick Wormeli will be visiting us in October for our staff development day on October 12th. Here is the next segment in his series on "Redos, Retakes, and Do-Overs". Check it out!
Rick Wormeli: Redos, Retakes, and Do-Overs, Part Two

Professional Trip and Field Trip Forms

Both forms, as well as the per diem rate sheet, can be located in Google Drive. In "My Drive", type "Curriculum Office" in the search box at the top of the screen. The Curriculum Office folder will pop up and the forms are located within the folder.

Just a reminder - please submit Field Trip forms for BoE approval asap, but definitely by 9/18! I am looking into why transportation is requesting times for trips to be way within the school day hours and how this affects many of our trips

Here's a Thought-Provoking Tweet - & a twist on PD!

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Character Counts materials

Unfortunately, as with several of our other orders this summer, our Character Counts materials are slowly starting to soon as we get the items, we will distribute them to you asap!