Job Discription

Diagnose, treat, or research diseases and injuries of animals. Includes veterinarians who conduct research and development, inspect livestock, or care for pets and companion animals.

Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian

I want to be a veterinarian because I have grown up on a farm around several animals my entire life. Living on a farm means that along with all the millions of joys that come, there are also a lot of discomforts and hard times to overcome. It is very hard to deal with losing animals I have grown up with or when disasters in general happen. However there are billions of good memories that make the bad ones easier to cope with. There have been several times that I would not have some of my animals still today if it weren't for our veterinarians. I want to give back to some other kid the way my veterinarian gave back to me.
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Entry Wage

Starting out in Tennessee veterinarians make (in the 10th percentile) about $19.11 per hour and about $40K per year.

Degree Needed

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
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Estimated Annual Job Openings

Jobs in this field are expected to increase by 3.4% over the next four years.


About 18% of veterinarians currently are retiring around the age of 55 soon.
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Does Pellissippi State Community College Offer The Degree Needed?


Does Pellissippi State Community College Offer A Pathway To The Degree Needed?