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American Cancer Society

Howdy Texas TSA, hope y'all are excited for this year's state conference! Congratulations to everyone who has advanced and to those of you attending we have some fun things in store for this year. One of the biggest things that we have planned, and one of our biggest changes, is that we will be holding part of our first general session in the water gardens located right outside of the convention center! The general session will be part of a fundraiser that we are having for American Cancer Society. It will be filled with fun events led by the physical activity organization Group Dynamix. Activities include soccer, gaga ball, archery tag, four square, and many more. We are even bringing over the glowbash from our leadership camp, this is where we play music and have a dance party with glow in the dark accessories. We can’t wait to see you guys at state and for you to take part in this new event, see you guys in April!

Jamal Mkatte

Texas TSA 2018-2019 State Vice President

Social Media

Hey Texas TSA! As part of our association's tradition to always expand and grow, we the state officers of this year decided to re-vamp Texas TSA's social media presence and platforms. In the past, many of Texas TSA's Instagram posts focused on the many exploits and adventures of the state officers throughout the year. The posts were ideal at first because they gave our membership insight into the day-to-day workings of the officers and their duties, but it came at a price. This eventually resulted in our officers being the sole focus of our social media and less of our membership and organization's activities being promoted for the world to see. So this year we decided to change that. We the officers decided to take on the initiative of modernizing our social media approach and shift the focus of platforms from the officers to our wonderful membership. The first step we took was updating and changing the aesthetic of our website and Instagram to a professional standard. We did this by adding a professional email, address, and contact information to our page for other organizations to reach us if needed. We've also cut back on the number of non-professional or relatable accounts we follow. We then started following accounts which aligned more with our association's interests such as some research universities, STEM companies, and industry leaders. Finally, we restarted our Chapter Shoutout posts to highlight the diversity of our growing membership population and the incredible achievements of our local chapters. This also ensures that the officers are remaining active and posting regularly. Managing Texas TSA's social media account the officers has been an amazing experience for all our officers and has made us all appreciative on the impact social media has in expanding our association's reach.

Isaac Brigham

2018-2019 Texas TSA State Treasurer

Nationals - Washington D.C.

Mark your calendars for the 2019 National TSA Conference, “Model the Way”

This year’s National Conference will be held at the National Harbor near Washington D.C. from June 28th -July 2nd and will be hosted at the Gaylord National Resort. Be sure to fundraise as there are many things to do and places to visit! Spend time with your chapter exploring Washington.


Leadership Conference

As our 13th annual Leadership Conference breezed past us this year, I and the rest of the officers had a blast working with and meeting new TSA members. We raised a staggering $2,817 for ACS this year during the bingo night we hosted! Our leadership camp is the best time for our TSA members to expand their horizon and grow new leadership skills while still enjoying their time. A series of fun events occur during these fast-paced three days that are scheduled for everyone. From the glow bash on the first night to the regatta boat race the next night to even the interactive sessions in between, our leadership camp is an opportunity to just sit back, relax, and enjoy. I am so honored to have served as your state secretary this year!

Thank you, TSA

Heidi Shwaiki

2018-2019 Texas TSA State Secretary


This past January the TSA officer team had the amazing opportunity to travel to the Texas State Capitol in Austin. Once we were there, grouped with other Texas Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), we were able to raise awareness about the importance of Career and Technical Education to our state legislatures. That evening the CTSOs held a dinner for the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education. Throughout the night we each shared our favorite stories and memories of TSA and told how much our CTSOs impacted each of our own lives. The next day we attended the State Board of Education’s board meeting where we were presented with a resolution declaring February 1st through February 28th Career and Technical month. I, as well as, all the other officers loved making TSA’s voice heard loud and clear!

Thank you, TSA

Mary Katherine Smith

2018-2019 Texas TSA Sergeant-At-Arms

Thank You TSA

Wow. It has been a great year for Texas TSA. We have seen some amazing changes happen! We have added a new committee for ACS that is dedicated to maximizing the fundraising efforts of Texas TSA in creative ways throughout the year. We have seen the extension of an amazing alumni program that will facilitate an interconnected network for past TSA members and supporters. There have been new scholarships made to support our graduating members, and there is even one to support advisors pursuing higher education. (Thank you advisors for all that you do!) However, none of this would be possible without the membership. Thank you, TSA. Thank you for competing vigorously. Thank you for your passion and devotion to TSA and our mission. Thank you for inspiring the officer team to help bring your visions to fruition. Thank you for being the leaders of a technical world.

Ejehi Ihionkhan

2018-2019 Texas TSA President

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