Right vs. left side of brain

By: Mili Ambriz

Characteristics of both sides

‘the left side of the brain is often thought of the logical thinking side’ people that have their left side as their dominant side are good at and enjoy things such as


-dog lovers

-like to be organized

-skilled at sequencing ideas

-almost never absent minded

-do NOT enjoy clowning around

People with a right dominant side are thought of as the dreamers, artists, and tech musicians of the world.’ People that have a right dominant side are good at and enjoy things such as



-cat lovers

-like to dream about things that will probably never happen

-enjoy interacting with others

-can listen to music or watch TV while studying

-and enjoy clowning around

Different abilities

people with a right dominance are good at recognizing




they seem to have knack for “out of the box” thinking, imaginative thinking, Music including the ability to play instruments with ease or to recognize a song or melody and play it back upon “hearing it”

people with a left dominance are good with




They seem to have a knack for language skills including reading, writing, and speaking, Math, logic and reasoning, and science

Thinking abilities

the left side and right side of the brain think differently or learn differently

the left side will most likely be






-will look at the problem in parts not as a whole

While the right side will most likely go






- will look at the problem as a whole not in parts