The Williston Sun 2023 Volume 1

Witching You a Happy Halloween!

💀 Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?
– Because he had no-body to go with!

⚰️ How can you tell if a vampire has a cold?
– Because of the coffin!

🎃 Find more goofy Halloween jokes here

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A peek in our Community!

Port City Java

So we decided to report on Port City Java, because don't we all love a good cup of Joe? Seriously though, Port City Java is a community coffee shop, founded and started right here in Wilmington, NC. Personally we prefer and would suggest their Chai Tea Latte! Although sadly they don’t have any fall specials, they do have their daily brews such as, House Blend, Black Mountain, Tanzanian Peaberry, and Sweet Dreams Decaf.

Additionally, if u love breakfast, don’t we all, they have all-day breakfast! They have custom breakfast where you can choose between different breads, toppings, proteins, and spreads to make your ideal breakfast.

If that doesn’t fancy your pants they also have breakfast wraps! Honestly writing this makes me hungry, but if you personally don't like breakfast, they have Blueberry Cream Cheese danishes, which I’ve tried before, and they are pretty stinkin-licious! As well as, buttered croissants, cinnamon bun danishes, brownies, crumb cakes, bagels, cookies, muffins, and scones!

So if you're interested, you can grab a drink or a bite at Port City Java, and come say hi to their amazing employees!

Located at, 2099 Market St, Wilmington, NC

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Hey, Williston Sun Students, many of you enjoy a nice console or game, or maybe you just like to know how it was to play one back then. Well, don’t I have news for you, because if any of these fit your style, then you should try out Retroscape! Retroscape is a Video Game Lounge, with games dating from the 70’s to today, like the Atari 2600! If gaming isn’t your style, then you’re free to hang out in the Lounge, which is accompanied by some old-fashioned snacks you can enjoy, as long as you have the money, that is. They’re open from 1:00pm to 8:00, which is suitable for our dismissal times, and they offer decent rates per person, which can be found at So if you’re looking for a place to relax and get a break from all that school work, come take a peek inside Retroscape, stationed at 1123 Princess St, Suite B. Have fun, gamers!

Hey, have you heard? There's a new principal!

Hello Ms. McDonnell! How are you doing today?

“I’m doing good!”
The Williston News crew was informed about a New Principal and we just had to interview you!

If you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions?

“Yes you may”

Ms. McDonnell, What school did you come from and why did you decide to come to Williston?

“So I came from a middle school in Durham, North Carolina called Carrington. So I really loved living in Durham and I loved my school very much, but I heard about Williston and when I read about Williston and the opening for principal I got really excited!

It sounded like a really great school and a great opportunity, so I wanted to move to Williston and come work here with the students and staff.”

Moving on to more personal questions

Ms. McDonnell’s Parents live in Wisconsin, Go Badgers!

She told us this..
“So my Mom and Dad live in Wisconsin, I visit them every year during the summer, my Dad loves movies so I go see all the movies with him during the summer. The last two movies i saw were Mission Impossible and Open Heimer”

We asked what Ms. McDonnell's favorite restaurant was and Congrats Indochine and Brunches

Fall is For Football!

We had a great first home game against Myrtle Grove! Our defense and offense were on fire; we won with an outstanding 28-0 score. We'll be focusing on a sports teams each month, go check out the Williston website for game times, tryouts and more.

Don't forget to high-five our Tiger!

The Williston band group is very proud to be involved in the football games for New Hanover. Mr. Hinson, the band director, and his students have been practicing since the first week of school. The Williston band will play at the Williston home games on October 6th and 20th, and if New Hanover High School goes into the playoffs, the Williston band will be participating at the playoff games. Please come out and show Williston and New Hanover some support!

Some events to look out for: On October 18th, the band will participate at the NHCS Marching Band Showcase and on October 24th will be the beginning of the year's performance.

Music Mayhem

Sadly, our chorus teacher, Mrs.McKeimie, has left Williston. She really was a great teacher and I think everyone liked her teaching style and never thought it was boring. Luckily, we do have a new chorus teacher: Ms. Addison Hamlet! I decided to ask Ms. Hamlet some questions so we could all get to know her, and get to see what she has in store for this year at Williston.

How many years have you been teaching?

“Technically this is my first year! I have taught after school and summer school for two years now.”

Why did you choose this school to teach at?

“There are so many amazing opportunities in Wilmington and Williston has a really beautiful, strong history and legacy. It means a lot to be contributing to that legacy.

That, and so much amazing power and potential lies in the students here. I think Music and Theatre are crucial to expressing oneself and connecting to other people, and I'm really honored to be the person who can share and teach that to the next generation.”

What made you teach chorus/the arts?

“I have always loved Theatre and Musical Theatre, so teaching it comes naturally to me. I think the subject is immensely valuable to every person. I also love History and English, but feel I can have more liberty and fun with the arts.”

Are you planning on doing any theater work here?

“Absolutely! I want our students to know what being part of an ensemble and putting on a literary work is all about.”

Do you have any upcoming performances for your class?

“We are currently preparing for All County Chorus on Saturday, October 14th and will have a concert with the Band and Orchestra classes in January.

As far as plays go, you'll just have to wait and see!”

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

“It’s all love! Share it, get it, all day, everyday.”

Our O.K.A.Y (Open-minded, Kind, Accepting, Youth) Opinions:

We asked a series of questions to a class of 8th graders, based around how they feel about school and if they feel heard and accepted. We need to pay more attention to our students and how they feel, because if we don’t then they lash out and it creates more problems. These are just a handful of students' answers from each question and hopefully we can get this form to the whole school!

How can you trust the school when all of your problems you have are going on around you?

“Ignore it or solve it.”

“I can tell my friends.”

“In my opinion I can’t really.”

“I trust no one including my parents”

“I trust no one but my family.”

“I could talk to a trusted adult…”

“You can go to a trusted teacher”

“I don't really tell people my problems out of school.”

“...the people don’t help either with constant bullying, constant remarks, constant judgment. It's stressful and all the work it's a lot having to write and write while all of your emotions are trapped inside because if you break down in class everyone will see you differently…”

“I can trust school because this school has one of the best counselors and I really trust them, like Mr. Petre I can really trust him.”

And a lot of “I don't know”

Do you feel welcomed and accepted in school?

45% said Yes

15% said No

55% said Sometimes

What is something that makes you feel accepted in school? If you don't feel accepted, please explain why.

“I know a lot of people”

“Teachers be singling certain students out, I feel like”

“Band, gym, friends”

“I just don’t feel accepted anywhere”

“I sometimes feel welcomed because of my classmates but I don't get too personal just in case”

“When my opinion is supported and accepted”

“Actually being able to to have a conversation with a teacher without being treat as just a student”

“The food, food tastes good”

“There’s requirements to be accepted and most people meet them but there is a ranking pyramid in school and people at the top show dominance.”

What does “Being heard by the school” mean to you?

“Not being singled out”

“Listening and making changes”

“The staff listening to you and actually considering you ideas”

“teachers/principals hear my idea and take it into consideration”


“When the school take your opinion”

“I dont know”

“It means that like staff is understanding any complaints you have and they are accepting of them”

Do you feel heard by the school?

55% said Yes, Im okay

45% said No, I think the school needs to improve on helping students feel heard

5% said Sometimes

Is there anything you’d like to be changed in the school?

“Bathroom’s and the amount of lunch time because I can’t even eat properly because it way too little time, like 8 hours just for 20 minutes of eating.”

“Mirrors in the bathrooms”

“Letting us go to bathroom in homeroom”

“Nothing right now”


“Bathrooms should have mirrors. Like non-breakable mirrors. We should be able to eat in class if we are hungry, ONLY if that student will NOT make a mess, and if they do they clean it, also Teachers and staff should listen to a students opinion and perspective during conflict, instead of assuming.”

“Bathrooms and Lunch, because one, people can't control their bladder, and sometimes they just really have to go at random times. Lunch because some kids can be forgetful, and will normally forget to get things like utensils, or condiments, or some kids just don't get to eat much, and rather get a second lunch. You could always go back to making us pay for second lunches, because I normally eat more at lunch, so that'd be nice.


“I think that the bathroom should have mirrors and some stall doors should be fixed because some don’t close.”

“...and maybe the bathrooms should have a little station with girl products, like pads and tampons etc. I feel like some rewards should be let, like letting is eat or go on our phones or even listen to music because sometimes we just need to relax, even if it's for 10 mins.”

“Everything but y'all can’t do that.”

Overall it seems like the students can’t trust most people with their problems or don’t know how to process them with everything going on. The majority of the class said that they sometimes feel accepted because of friends and nice teachers and when they’re opinion is heard and appreciated, but some kids feel that they aren’t heard and their opinions don’t matter to the teacher or they just simply don't care. All the students want is for their ideas to be heard or even considered, they want people to care about what they say even if it’s not feasible. Our students don’t feel heard by the school, by anyone. So, maybe if we hear out their ideas about mirrors in the bathrooms or lunch time being longer; our school can be the kind of school that truly listens to their students.

Staff Shoutout!

Our lunch staff has won the Staff Shoutout of the month. This team was recognized by New Hanover County and the state of North Carolina for their service and dietary skills.

Here's what one the staff members said!

"It can be exhausting but once you get used to it can be really easy but at the end of the day as long as every kid is happy it's okay."

Meet the sun news crew

More news to follow and we do not use AI!
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Editors: Diehl and Sullivan