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March 2023: Open Enrollment Survey Results

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In This Issue:

  • Thank You for Taking Time to Share Your Thoughts!
  • Who Took the Survey?
  • The Results Are In!
  • Employee Benefits Welcomes Nathan Werner
  • Employee Benefits Contact Information
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We truly appreciate the time you took out of your schedules to complete the recent Open Enrollment Survey. As promised, this newsletter will be entirely devoted to sharing out those results with you. We had over 2,300 employees complete this survey. We understand this is over the industry average to complete this type of survey, so kudos to you all for making your voices heard!

We will be carefully considering the results of this survey over the coming months as we begin the planning stages for the enrollment for 2024.


Our survey analyzer drew four random winners from those who provided e-mail addresses. Bswift donated $25 Amazon gift cards. These can be picked up by our winners at the Employee Benefits/Human Resources front desk at AMAC between 7:45 AM and 4:45 PM Monday-Friday with your school ID. Congratulations!

  • Andrae Carter - Food Production, Nutrition Services
  • Connie Redic - Principal, Curtis Middle School
  • James Zamarano - Special Ed Campus Support, AMAC
  • Margaret Gehring - Teacher, South High
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Employee Groups

  • 57% of participants were teachers/teacher contract employees
  • 3% were principal level or above
  • 5% were K-Z employees
  • 35% remaining were other employee groups including classified A-J groups such as custodians, paraeducators, food service, administrative assistants, crewmembers, etc.


We had a good representation from all building levels. Our highest participating sites from each building group are noted below.

  • High school: South with 82 participants
  • Middle school: Curtis with 47 participants
  • Elementary school: Colvin with 28 participants
  • Non-attendance center: AMAC with 138 participants


Those with 10 or more years of service had 10 times the amount of participation as other tenure groups.


Generation X (born between 1965-1980) made up our highest group of responders at 1,390 participants, followed by Generation Y (born between 1981 and 1996) with 802 participants.

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Rate your "Overall Benefit Enrollment Experience" on a 5-point scale (5 being most favorable):

Average rating of 3.86 over all employee groups

  • Certified: 3.81
  • Classified : 3.91
  • K-Z: 4.12
  • Administrator: 4.19

Rate your "Overall Ease of Benefits Enrollment on Bswift site" on a 5-point scale:

Average rating of 4.22 over all employee groups

  • Certified: 4.19
  • A-J: 4.28
  • K-Z: 4.42
  • Administrator: 4.40

Was the level of Employee Benefit communication leading up to enrollment too much, too little, or just right?

82% said "just right"

What would improve communication or the benefit experience?

Rated #1: Getting automatic confirmations after completing enrollment instead of needing to push the button to request one be printed or emailed

Rated #2: Having a passive enrollment (in years where there are no carrier changes, enrollment would not be required unless making plan or member changes or enrolling in flex spending)

Is the 2-week window to enroll the right length of time?

68% thought it was "just right" with only 1% feeling it was "too long"

Open enrollment typically falls in late October/early November. Would you prefer it to be earlier?

  • 48% had no preference
  • 35% said "no"
  • 17% said "yes"

Enrollment resources - how you rated in usefulness with #1 as most useful:

1. Weekly Open Enrollment emails from Employee Benefits

2. Hard copy benefit guide mailed to your home

3. Bswift benefit site

4. Electronic benefit guide emailed to you

5. Online benefit guide found on bswift

6. Enrollment prize incentives

7. Monthly benefit newsletter with information on Open Enrollment

8. QR Code access to benefit guide

9. Surest webinars offered during Open Enrollment.

10.Benefits Brainshark video

11.Open Enrollment Podcast

9. Benefits Brainshark video

Preferred method of communication - most preferred rated as #1:

1. ZALL emails

2. Mailed information to home address

3. Text messages

4. Website links

5. Newsletters

6. Postcards to schools

7. Videos

8. Phone calls

9. In-Person


Of those that completed the survey, 2% had not completed Open Enrollment. We asked "why" and received the following responses:

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How satisfied were you with the 2023 WPS benefits package offered?

Average rating of 3.54 over all employee groups

  • Certified: 3.44
  • Classified: 3.63
  • K-Z: 3.97
  • Administrator: 3.90
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Employee Benefits is growing! Nathan Werner has just transferred from the Human Resources side and will be working as a Workers' Compensation Claims Assistant. He is currently still in training mode with Sandra Cruz and Boni Burkhart. We have already worked alongside him and are happy to have him join us as our team expands and we strengthen our support for customers who have experienced a work injury. Please check out his bio below:

Nathan Werner graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communication. Nathan joined Wichita Public Schools in August 2021 as an Administrative Assistant for Secondary Hiring in the Staffing department of Human Resources. Nathan was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Chief Human Resource Officer in 2022 and in 2023 moved to his current role of Workers' Compensation Claims Assistant.

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Employee Benefits Team

Back Row: Gina Wiedemann, Alexis Summers, Douglas Mumma, Nicole Heizelman, Sandra Cruz

Front Row: Terry Fields, Boni Burkhart, Danielle Dettmer, Jeana Melton

Missing and to be added in near future: Nate Werner (New team member to Employee Benefits)

Gina Wiedemann - Benefit Analyst

  • Administration of employee and retiree health plan which includes medical, dental, vision, pharmacy benefits, and flexible spending accounts
  • Annual open enrollment



Alexis Summers- Retirement Specialist

  • Serves as the district retirement liaison
  • Acts as the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) designated agent for USD 259



Douglas Mumma - Risk Compliance Analyst

  • Property & Casualty Insurance Claims related to damage to district property and buildings
  • Risk Analysis
  • Bodily Injury Claims for Students & Members of Public



Nicole Heizelman - Employee Benefits Health, Wellness & Disability Technician (Certified Staff)

  • Certified staff contact for Medical Leave
  • Certified staff contact for FMLA
  • Certified staff contact for Maternity/Parental/Adoptive Leave
  • Unpaid Health Leave of Absences



Sandra Cruz - Workers' Compensation Technician

  • Administering all aspects of the district's Workers' Compensation program
  • Authorization and coordination of care as directed by Kansas State Statutes under the KS Department of Labor



Nathan Werner - Workers' Compensation Claims Assistant

  • Providing support to the Workers' Compensation program in timely and accurate assistance in claims processing of employee claims in accordance with best practices and state regulations



Terry Fields - Benefits & Budget Assistant

  • District life insurance & supplemental life insurance
  • New hire benefits enrollment
  • Annual open enrollment
  • Budget tracking assistance for department



Boni Burkhart - Supervisor of Employee Health, Wellness & Disability Programs

  • Supervising Workers' Compensation, FMLA and Medical Leave Programs
  • Managing mandatory referrals to, and promotion of, ComPsych EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Administration of Catastrophic Leave Pool and benefit applications



Danielle Dettmer - Manager of Employee Benefits & Insurance Management

  • Facilitating strategic goals that bring competitive and diverse benefit choices to USD 259 employees
  • Developing communications and educational resources for employees to help them become independent consumers of their own benefits
  • Overseeing multiple benefit specialty areas for the district and managing a team of subject matter experts
  • Aligning benefit offerings with district mission and vision



Jeana Melton - Employee Benefits Health, Wellness & Disability Technician (Classified Staff)

  • Classified staff contact for Medical Leave
  • Classified staff contact for FMLA
  • Classified staff contact for Maternity/Parental/Adoptive Leave



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Danielle Dettmer

Manager of Employee Benefits

HR/Employee Benefits & Insurance Management

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