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Hinduism has no founder it was developed out of the brahminism. The hindues holy book is called the Vedas, the Vedas scriptures guide hindues in there daily life. It also helps to preserve the religious dimension of family and society. Hinduism developed in India about 1500 BC in the Indus Valley and spread through the rest of India and to south east Asia. Hindues believe in dharma, moksha, karma, reincarnation and the caste system. Dharma is the ultimate moral balance of all things. A Hindus dharma play out in all areas of there life: religious, social, and family. Moksha is the final resting place for Hindu and they strive to reach moksha, it is the ultimate goal for hindues. Moksha is achieved by living a life of religious devotion and moral integrity with out any interest in wordy things. Karma is that for every action there is a consequence ether good or bad, like if you do good good things will come your way and if you do bad bad things will come your way. Reincarnation is the cycle of life and death. Hindues believe that when you die you get reincarnated in to something better than what you were in your past life for something worse in you past life and all depending how you acted in your past life. Hindus practices are associated with scriptures and images of gods in home shrines
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How does practicing Hinduism affect the daily lives of it followers?

Practicing Hinduism affects a Hindus every day life because things like karma, dharma, moksha, reincarnation and the caste system have a huge affect on there life. Like the caste system. A Hindu is born in to a certain caste and have to stay in that caste until they die and have to marry someone in that caste and can only talk to people In that caste that they are in. So that affects things like who they talk to everyday of there lives. Karma is also something that affects a Hindus everyday life because they need to keep in mind that what every they do will have a consequence either good or bad depending on what they did. Dharma also takes effect in a Hindus life because it's the ultimate moral balance between of all things. Dharma plays out in all areas of a Hindus life like religious, social, and family.
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The founder of Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama and was founded in the late 6th century B.C.E. The holy books of Buddhism are called the Tripitaka, Mahayana and Pali canon. These are the three major noncanonical Buddhist texts. Buddhism started in northeastern India and spread all through India and moved internationally to places like Ceylon,Nepal,Tibet,Central Asia,China and Japan. In Buddhism they believe that Buddha is not a god and that he saw the truth about what the world is like. They believe that there Final resting place is nirvana and is where the end of suffering is. They believe in the teachings of Buddha witch are to control your thoughts,resist evil,practice meditation,say nothing to hurt others,know the truth,free your mind of evil,work for the good of others and respect life. In Buddhism they practice meditation to center there beliefs. There code of conduct are the 8 fold path and the 4 Nobel truths. The 8 fold path is called the wheels of dharma and you need to find a balance between the 8 fold paths. The 4 Nobal truths are Buddhas teachings. The final resting place is called nirvana, and to reach nirvana it takes a life time of dedication to the religion.
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How does practicing Buddhism affect its daily lives of its followers

Practicing Buddhism affects the daily lives of the people who pratice it because they have to follow the 8 fold path and the 4 Nobel path everyday of there lives so one day they can reach nirvana. It also affects there everyday lives because they have to follow karma and make sure they do good so they can be reincarnated and one day go to nirvana
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The founder of Judaism is Moses. There holy book is called the Torah, it's the Old Testament. Judaism started in Isreal about 4000 years ago and spread to countries such as, France, Denmark, Hungary,Australia,New Zealand and South Africa. In Judasim they believe in one God and believes that he watches over and cares for his people and that God loves and protects his people but also hold people accountable for there sins and short comings. Also that a person must serve God by studying the Torha and living by its teachings. They pray in a temple. There code of conduct is the Ten Commandments. There Dina, resting place is heaven
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How does practicing Judaism affect its followers everyday life

Practicing Judasim affects its followers everyday life because they have to follow the Ten Commandments every day so they can get to there final resting place called heaven. It also affects there everyday life because they have to go to a temple and pray.
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The founder of Confucianism is the phylosopher Confucis and is viewed by many as a god. The holy book to Confucianism is called the analects and is there sacred text. Confucianism started in China and when he died the ancient teaching began to spread all through China, Japan,Korea and Vietnam. They believe in social order and harmony and good government should be based on a strong family relationship. Also to respect parents and elders is very important to a well order society. In Confucianism they pratice in various temples and practice family values. There code of conduct is the teachings of Confucis. The final stung place in Confucianism is in a Confucis cemetery.
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How does practicing Confucianism affect the every day lives of its followers.

Practicing Confucianism affects the everyday lives of its followers because they have to respect there parents and elders. They have to do this so they can keep and order in society and to make sure society stays in order. Also they have to have a strong family relationship.
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The founder of Christianity is Jesus. The Christians holy book is called the Bible. The origin of Christianity is Judea. The movement of Christianity was spread all over the world, this is because

Christians must spread the religion to people who do not know of it. Christians believe in only one God. They believe in Jesus resurrection. Also to treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated . Christians practicings are to go to church every Sunday. The code of conduct is called the 10 commandments. They are a set of rules that God sent down from heaven for his people to follow. The Christians final resting place is called haven. To get in to heaven you must follow the Ten Commandments, and ask for for forgiveness for the sins you have done.

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How does practicing Christianity affect the daily lives of its followers

The every daily activities Christians do affect them. They must pray everyday. They must be truth full. Donate to charity. And have to get along with others. It also affects who they marry, they can only marry other Christians. Also the holiday rituals they have like for Christmas and easter

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The founder of Islam is name Mohammed. The holy book for Islam is called the Qur'an. Islam was originated in Mecca in the 7th century. Islam then spread to Asia, North Africa, and Spain. In Islam Muslims believe in the 5 pillars, they are declaration of faith, obligatory to pray 5 times a day, compulsory giving, fasting in the month of Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Also not eating pork and in,y eating mean that is halal. Muslims practice in praying 5 times a day and t fast during the month of Ramadan where they can not eat from until the sun has gone down. The Islam code of conduct is the 5 pillars where they have to follow them everyday. The Muslims final resting place is a traditional Muslim burial.

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How does practicing Islam affect the daily lives of its followers

Practicing Islam affects the lives of its followers daily because they have to pray 5 times a day. A time they have to pray at is at 5:30 in the morning. Also Muslims can not eat pork so they have to be carful of what the eat and can only eat meat that is called halal. Also it affects there daily lives if it is the month of Ramadan where Muslims have to fast until sundown.
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