Math Notes/Ideas From TCEA

A Week's Worth of Apps from TCEA

Here's the math material I got last week I thought you might be interested in reviewing:


Go Formative -

Quizizz - www.quizizz.comvery similar to KAHOOT, except the questions appear on the students' devices AND it lets you see who missed what and gives you a report. It also has math symbols!!!!!

That Quiz - - allows you to create free, online mathematical quizzes for all grade levels!!!

EdPuzzle -

Plickers - don't have enough devices for all students? Then Plickers might be the tool for you. Allows you to scan and again reports are made - great for tutorials.

The Math Keyboard - do you need to use math symbols on the iphone or ipad? This is a free tool that provides you with mathematical and scientific characters. After downloading the app, follw the step-by-step directions for installing the keyboard on your device.

Math Blogs to Follow and Who to Follow on Twitter:


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Just For Fun!! (sites only a math person can love)

101 Math Jokes for Teachers

Bad maths in Pictures Flickr Group

Shmoop Math Videos

Siri-Ask her to divide zero by zero

If You Have Questions........

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