The Politician

Running in the 2036 presidential election...


Rice University

What will it take?

Major: History (Bachelor of arts)

  • 4 years minimum (MA & PhD available)

Minor: Politics, Law and Social Thought

Life after college...

What is a politician?


A politician is someone who holds or campaigns for a position in the government.

  • there to meet the people's needs and desires
  • regulate and enforce laws
  • introduce new policies to meet rising needs

The presidency...

  • Commander in Chief
  • Chief Diplomat
  • Guardian of the Economy
  • Role model for the nation

Why did I choose this job?

I have always been very interested in politics since I was very little. I am not exactly sure how far I will go, but it has been a dream of mine to one day be president. I love helping people and practicing the right thing so politics has always let me do that.