Ambient Records

Changing the atmosphere; Changing lives

Our Mission

Ambient Records is an up-and-coming record label with huge amibitions. We want to be considered with the current titans like Def Jam or Sony. Ambient Records will provide a diverse experience that other companies don't, such as lessons, instruments, and other products beyond just songs/artists.

What we're selling

Ambient Records is going to sell all types of music and music related products. In addition to signing and producing artists, we will provide music lessons, tutors, sheet music, and instruments that are not provided by traditional record labels. All of our products will maintain a high level of quality. Here are some examples:


Ambient Records will sell a multitude of instruments. Guitars (acoustic and electric), keyboards, drums, violins, bass, even triangles!
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We will also provide tutors and lessons for anybody interested in learning an instrument.
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Ambient Records will, of course, distribute and produce music from artists.
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Recording Studio

To further differentiate us from other record labels, we will be offering recording studio time.
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Ambient Records will be founded later this year and will be based in Nashville, TN. There will be a number of Ambient Records music stores throughout the country providing access to our instruments and our lesson programs.