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October Newlsetter

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month!

If you haven't yet, please follow my twitter @pinkrobinette. I will be posting some interesting dyslexia facts throughout the month of October!

The Alphabet War

This month the students will listen to a book called "The Alphabet War."

This story is about a young boy named Adam who has dyslexia. It begins when Adam is a preschooler and follows him through fourth grade, sharing his struggles with reading, spelling, and writing. Adam is a very smart boy who enjoys math and science but feels completely inadequate in language arts compared to his peers. Finally, Adam qualifies for a special reading teacher who helps him learn the basics of reading, and he slowly learns to read. Meanwhile, his confidence grows and Adam realizes that he is finally a reader.

Learning Ally Audiobooks for Learners New to MLI

So excited to share that learners new to MLI have been given their login information to start using Learning Ally regularly. It is taped on the inside of their MLI homework folder. We will be walking through this procedure to show the learner how it is used. We will continue this procedure until they feel comfortable enough to be able to find books and listen to them independently.

Learners that have been in MLI can continue to use their same login information. It is also taped in their homework folder just in case they may have misplaced it.

*Please let me know if you have any questions about Learning Ally! I would be happy to meet with you individually to show you how it works and to make sure your son/daughter is successful at home.

What is Learning Ally?

Learning Ally is a library of educational accessible audiobooks for people who cannot effectively read standard print because of a visual impairment, dyslexia, or other print disabilities. The library contains over 80,000 titles, a variety of subjects, and books ranging from kindergarten through adult level.

Learning Ally has developed a free downloadable software called Learning Ally Link. Simply go to Learning Ally and you can download a free link to your home computer. Just click the "Mac App Store" button or the "Windows PC" button depending on your need. You can also download the link to your iPad. Just go the App Store and search Learning Ally Audio. Once the Learning Ally Link software is installed on your computer or iPad, your learner will be ready to use his/her Learning Ally member login information to access the audio book library and begin reading. Audio books can be accessed from home, school, or anywhere using a computer with the Link software or compatible mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, and tablets.

The Big Picture Movie "You May Be Dyslexic"


  • Grab your current library book

  • Take a selfie with your book

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