Major Conflicts Of Texas Revolution

By: Sam Dvonte Lessli Raven Davon

The Battle Of Gonzales

The Battle of Gonzales was a critical conflict. On October 2, 1835 in Gonzales, Texas the Texas refuse to give up the cannon to give up the cannon to the Mexicans upset with the Texas, prepared to take the cannon. In respond, the Texas dug up the cannon, put a flag on it saying " Come in take it, and fired on the Mexicans. Then the Mexicans retreated.

William B.Travis

William B. Travis wrote this letter after the siege began. The date of the letter 24th 1836. This letter was mean't for the people of Texas, all Americans, and citizen/compatriots.He wants our flag to be in the air, meaning he wants to win. We shouldn't never surrender, or retreat.

The Battle of the Alamo

The Texans were fighting for independence from the Mexicans. February 23, 1836 Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, and two hundred other members of Texas wanted to protect the Alamo from the Mexicans. The Texans held the Santa Anna’s (the Mexicans) back for thirteen days. It turn out that the Texans had felled to win that war. Two months later, Santa Anna’s army lost the war after the Alamo felled.

The Consitutional Convention of 1836

Delegates gathered at Washington on Brazos, for the second time meeting about the Consultation of 1836.They declared Texas independence on March 2, 1836.

Fannin's surrender at Goliad

James Fannin and his men were surrounded by the Urrea's men (Mexicans) on the Texas Prairie. They're wounded and on March 20, Fannin surrendered. Fannin and his men were taken captive and Fannin signed an unconditional surrender. On March 27, Fannin was killed with his other captives

The Battle of san Jacinto

On April 21st, an deaf smith (which is an American frontier) was ordered to burn the Vince’s Bridge by Sam Houston. The Texans got prepared earlier then the Mexicans, which caught the Mexicans off guard for the battle. On the way to fight the Texans were shouting, “Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad!” The battle lasted only eighteen minutes, which sounded very quick. The Texans had won the fight and the Texans killed six hundred and thirty Mexicans, and seven hundred and thirty were captured. Santa Anna had escaped, but was later found by Sam Houston. The Texans fought because the wanted to end the Mexicans conflicts once and for all.

Resolution Plan

If two people were constantly arguing, fighting, and threating each other a way to make them be peacefully with each other is to separate them from each other. If the two keep on fighting then they can talk to the counselor and then they can talk together at the same time. While there are both in the same room they can tell each other their problems with each other. Also while they’re in the same room they can apologize to each other. Finally if they are still fighting and arguing then, one of them can be transferred to another school.

Important Texan Individuals

Sam Houstin


  • The Commander of the Texans during the Texas Revolution

Important Mexican Individuals

Santa Anna


  • The commander of the Mexicans during the Texas Revolution