ECISD Motivational Minute

Class of 2021

"When life comes at you hard, you make it look so easy. No matter what you're facing you are my inspiration." Mathew West

I'm so glad I didn't drop out because...

My name is A.G. and I'm so glad I didn't drop out because...

Now I can go to college to become a cosmetologist. This is something I always wanted to be. I have made my parents proud that I graduated. I always struggled with logging in, once I did, it wasn't too bad and didn't take long. My advice, log in as much as you can to finish.

Hello from the COC

Happy Holidays everyone. This semester is quickly coming to an end. Make sure you are logging in daily as this is the quickest way to get to the finish line, GRADUATION

Important Dates

English I EOC - 12/8

Algebra I/Biology EOC - 12/9

English II/US History EOC - 12/10

Students who are testing must attend school to test.

Useful College Links

Matthew West - Never Ever Give Up (Audio)