Takoma Park Elementary School


September 11, 2022

Early Release on Wednesday, September 14th

On Wednesday, September 14th, school will close at 1:20 p.m. If your child rides a bus he, she or they can continue to ride when school closes. If your child is a walker or car rider, please pick them up promptly at 1:20 p.m.

Outdoor Lunch Option

Thanks to many parent volunteers, we have an outdoor lunch option. Parents must complete the form linked below no later than Friday, September 16th to give permission for your child to eat outside. This will apply even when the weather is cooler. After September 16th, the form will no longer be available to opt in to outdoor lunch. This sign up is for the period of September 12- October 31st. A new sign up for the cooler months will be sent out in October. Unfortunately if a child goes outside for lunch, he, she or they will not be permitted to take an open lunch back inside. However, if a child does not go outside, even with parental permission, they will be allowed to eat inside. We will let the children with permission choose unless otherwise notified by the parents.

In summary, all students have the option of eating outside with parental permission. Once the student has made a lunch location decision, they will need to stick to it for that day. Those without permission will not be given an option.

Please use the link below to sign your child up for outdoor lunch.


Please Label Your Child's Things

Labeling your child's water bottle, lunch box, backpack and jackets will help us reunite children with their things when they are misplaced. One of our goals this year is to keep the Lost & Found to a minimum.

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