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Week of 1/4/16

Welcome Back!

I hope you enjoyed your winter break!
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Weekly Schedule

I know that remembering to come to the media center can be tough, but hopefully, I can help by including in my Smore the schedule for the following week.

Next Week's Schedule:

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Please keep in mind the library is a flexible space. There are times when I do need to reschedule because a meeting or presentation needs to take place in the media center because it is the only place in the school that can house a large number of people without interrupting lunch. ;)

I'm always willing to add things to the calendar! Want to use the computers? Email me. Want me to do a research skills lesson? Email me. Want to collaborate? Email me. Want me to read a story to the kiddos and then work on text features? Email me.

To get the most up to date calendar, please check the 996-media center shared calendar in Outlook.

Black History Month Wax Museum Input

The Black History Month Committee would like the Wax Museum to be as meaningful and relevant as possible. Please take a moment to fill out the below Google Form, so we can move forward in planning this wonderful event. :) Thanks!

No Spotlight Resource of the Week

You're on enough information overload right now. ;)