Student Logins

Some tips and tricks that may save you and students time!

HELP DESK : Ext. #4357

Students NEW to USD497

First time logging on to a computer:

USER: enter student ID#

PASSWORD: enter birthdate as MMDDYYYY (ex: 07311997)

They should create a new password after logging in -- must be at least 8 characters long.

HELP DESK: Ext. #4357

Password Reset -- Students who have attended other USD497 schools (even if there is an attendance gap)

Good news! Teachers can reset passwords for students who have login trouble -- no need to lose class time sending them to the library.

Two things to try BEFORE you reset a student's password:

1. Have the student delete and retype their student ID number in the username field, then retype the password carefully. Make sure there are no extra spaces or accidental punctuation characters.

If that doesn't work...

2. Restart the computer and have them type their login carefully.

If that doesn't work...

Use Internet Explorer (Windows devices) or Safari (Mac devices) and use the password reset link that Mrs. Greenwood shared with Staff in an email. (bookmark that link!!)

You can look up students by ID# (faster) or by name.

1. Click on the student name

2. Click Reset Password

3. Click the OK buttons that pop up

Students will then login using their ID# as both USER & PASSWORD.

Students will be prompted to create a new password.

  • must be 8 characters long
  • cannot be a password they've used before
  • something they will remember!

Once they type their new password in twice -- they should either use the ENTER key or click on the arrow (PC) -- sometimes they click the CANCEL button without looking at it and then will have to start over.

Always remind them to keep passwords protected -- students should not share account login information with others.

HELP DESK: Ext. # 4357