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Visible Learning Teacher Cohort AM (Judy and Lisa)

10:00 AM Sierra Pauley Parent Meeting

2:00 MN at DAC for Core Data meeting


Music Therapy Starts (3 AM Sessions Possible)

10 AM: Gavin Williams' Parent Meeting

Jodi at PBL


11: Liberty Alliance for Youth (12:00-1:30)

Jodi at PBL



Jodi at PBL


SAFE Schools Trainings Due

11:30-1 MN at DAC for PD

Upcoming Dates: September

10-15:Summer School Survey (Students-10 minutes)

12: Restorative Practices PD (Mark)

17: Vocational Rehab (seniors with IEPs) 8:30-11

19: Early Release--Professional Development

20: No School--Professional Development

10/4: Hotdog BBQ Lunch

NEE: Unit of Instruction (Executive Functioning Skills)

Big3 Focus Week of 9/16: Comparing Your Values to Those of Others and Influence of such

Lesson #4: Comparing your values to others (Week of 9/16)

Lesson 4: Considering Your Personal Values Compared to Others’ Values (to become more aware of the influence of others and to stay true to their own values)

  1. Have students define “Personal Values” (these are the ones they use to guide their actions and lives).

  2. Circle: What is something you did recently that reflected one of your top values?

  3. Distribute a values list to students. Have students rank:

    1. What values they believe their friends and peers think are most important

    2. What values they believe their parents and families think are most important

    3. What values the media presents as most important

    4. Discuss the similarities and differences between their values and those of their peers, families, and the media.

    5. Discuss why they think these exist and how they affect the students’ lives

    6. What do students see as the relationship between peer pressure and values.

  4. Conclusion: We usually learn our values through others and are constantly influenced by others in obvious and subtle ways, including peer pressure. Discuss how this influence occurs and how they can be aware of it so they can think for themselves, as well as have interests and values in common with others. ARE MY ACTIONS REFLECTING MY PERSONAL VALUES OR SOMEONE ELSE’S VALUES?

Executive Functioning Skills Focus (Will be our Unit of Instruction)

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Do we have 5 minutes this week to talk to kids about this?

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