Mrs Baker's Newsletter

April 4th, 2019

What is going on?

Each student is needing a shoe box to create an animal habitat diorama. If you have any extra shoe boxes. Please send them in to me.

If you have any crafting items that could us help create our diorama- we would love to have some cool supplies to create the ideal habitat for our animals. Thanks for considering.

At the end of the week we will begin making dioramas to go with our new PBL question:How can we as zoologists create a habitat where animals thrive?

After researching their animal, kids will create shoe box habitats for their selected animal. Please send a shoe box by Thursday. Also if you are out and about this weekend (Hobby Lobby etc...) kids will need a few things for their dioramas.

You do not need to purchase anything as they can make everything from construction paper BUT they will want some things I am sure:) Fake plants, stones, etc.

Ambassador Club Food Drive for Empty Bowls! (this is a competition against other schools and we want to win)

Round Rock Serving Center needs your help in our school food drive! This food drive is part of the Empty Bowl festival. We will be collecting food and other items through April 10th.We are hoping to collect over 1000 items this year!! There will be a collection bin outside the office.

Most Needed Items to Collect :

• Canned vegetables ~ corn and green beans are the most popular

• Canned fruit

• Canned soup

• Top Ramen

• Peanut Butter

• Macaroni ‘n cheese

• Canned meat and tuna

• Pasta ~ spaghetti, macaroni

• Rice and pinto beans

• Cereal

• Toilet paper

• Diapers

Dear Patsy Sommer Families,

As part of our college and career readiness standards, we will be having a Career Day for our students to learn about different jobs, occupations, and colleges.

Career Day will be held on Thursday, May 2. We are in the process of finding speakers for this day and are asking for your assistance. Career Day becomes an even more exciting experience for our students when members of their own family and community speak to our classes. We are looking for a variety of careers: mechanics, managers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Each speaker will do several presentations that will last approximately 15 minutes, to share information about his/her occupation and hold a question and answer period. Speakers are encouraged to speak to more than 1 grade level.

If you can assist us by participating in this activity as a guest speaker or know of someone who could, please fill out the Google Form at the link below or contact Iben Dyke at or (512) 704-0631.

Career Day Speaker Form


April 5 : Carnival

April 9-10th Staar Campus Closed to Visitors

April 11: Scottish-Rite Theater field trip

April 19: Staff & student holiday

April 26: Austin Zoo field

May 2nd Career Day

May 13-14th Staar Campus Closed to Visitors

Have a good weekend!