A parasite?

What are the hosts of choice?

The most infected animal from heartworms are dogs.

Where does it live?

Hearteorms live all across the globe inside infected dogs, coyotes, cats, wolves, etc.

How does it feed?

It eats at the material of a heart until the heart can not function anymore.

How does it reproduce?

It spreads from thing to thing from mosquito bites.
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Special adaptations

All it needs isa heart that it can feed on.

How long are they?

An adult male can gut up to 7 inches long and the female can get up to 14 inches long.
A young heartworm is 3-4 inches long.

Interesting facts

They live 2-4 years longer in untreated dogs that they do in cats.
Even humans can get heartworm disease
Tests for heartworms for cats arent 100% reliable.