The greastest inventions

The best thing in the world

One accidental invention is Chocolate chip cookies

What is your favorite snake to eat? I bet its cookies, what about chocolate chip cookies. did you you know that chocolate chip cookies were made  accidently.

Chocolate Chip Coooooookies.!!!!!

this amazing women who made chocolate chips is really amazing not knowing when she was in her kitchen she was making a great invention. Ruth Graves Wakefield remembered as the unintentional inventor of the celebrated chocolate chip cookie.One fateful day in 1937, Wakefield was making her popular chocolate butter drop cookies. Normally she mixed bakers chocolate which melts completely into the dough. That day she used semi-sweet chocolate. She chopped it up and mix it into the dough. Instead of melting the pieces stayed intact. A new cookie was born. Customers loved her new invention.

Ruth Graves Wakefield

She worked as a dietician and lecturer, in the 1930’s she and her husband opened Toll House Inn in Whitman Massachusetts. The building was originally a toll house where travelers paid a toll rest feed and water their horses.