2nd Grade News from Room 219


"Fridge List"

Coming home in your child's folder is a list of the important dates that you may want to post on your refrigerator. :) Please especially note the days your child will need a cold lunch (and beverage). Specific permission notes and information will come home next week. Can you believe we're only 15 days away from the end of the year? I can't!!

This week...

we had more fun with fractions (ask your child about our Fraction Frenzy activity). We started Geometry today and are learning about acute, right and obtuse angles. We had a presentation Wednesday about bicycle safety and the importance of wearing a helmet. Each child will receive a new helmet on Monday. Many subjects were put on hold as we worked hard to complete our "surprises" for Mother's Day. We hope you enjoy them!!!! Enjoy your day, Moms! (Dads - enjoy your day in June, too!)


Math - geometry

RAH - My Name is Gabriela

Speak Up - topics will be drawn for an impromptu speech - no preparation at home