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The Stephney Ferguson Library Programs for Special Information Needs Award. The ACURIL President’s Award. To recognize and distinguish a school, public or national library in the Caribbean, which has demonstrated excellence of service providing a program to satisfy special community information needs. This special ACURIL Award was established by Jamaican Past President Stephney Ferguson in 2000, in her interest to stimulate the development of information programs to special clienteles, and the offering of innovative outreach programmes to help build informed communities in the region. ACURIL rejoices in naming this distinction The Stephney Ferguson Library Programs for Special Information Needs Award. Nature of the Award: A plaque and citations.

And the Award goes to

The Program Help me to be Free, from the Services Unit for People with Disabilities (USEPEDI), National Library Pedro Henriquez Ureña.

Organizer of the Help Me to Be Free Program (cultural, bibliographic and technological policies inclusive of people with disabilities to the different activities of the population, in their respective environments) through the Help Me to Be Free Program. It is the Division of Attention to Persons with Disabilities of the Department of Public Services of the National Library Pedro Henríquez Ureña.

Adapts and converts information resources to accessible formats to meet the need for information and reading of the population with difficulty accessing conventional reading that includes people with blindness, deafness, dyslexia, Down syndrome, autism, Asperger's syndrome, physical disability motorboat. Send the aforementioned information resources in digital accessible through e-mail and in audio format, through various electronic devices (USB, CD, DVDA). Support for the realization of university or school assignments, advice to users for the selection of works for reading. Installation of applied technology programs for people with disabilities in personal computers. Distribute authorization forms for authors, editors and audiovisual producers to request permission for adaptation and conversion.

Launches the USEPEDI Blog that complies with all the Web accessibility standards established by the W3C Consortium on universal accessibility and social networks that promote good living between people with and without disabilities. Carry out accessible inclusion and information activities (Workshop on Constitutional Rights of Persons with Disabilities (March 2017), First and Second Workshop on the Implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty in the DR (September 29 and September 7, 2017) / Theater plays that promote the integration of the group with disabilities into society (More than words, when less is more) Presence in estates where proposals are made and decisions taken that guarantee a solid state of law for this segment of the population (drafted proposals about persons with disabilities for the Constitution 2010, which are the articles 39, 58, 70 to 75, comprehensive monitoring of the journey made by the Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate people with difficulty accessing conventional reading that works printed in ink are adapted and converted to accessible formats.).

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Leadership in the Use of New Information Technologies to Expand and Facilitate Access to Serials Content. EBSCO Information Services Award.

To recognize and distinguish a school, academic, public or national library for its innovative, creative and effective achievement in planning and implementing a program or service with serial publications, using information technologies, for the benefit of its clientele. Nature of the Award: A plaque, a special prize and citation.

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OCLC is committed to international cooperation, research and innovation for the advancement of librarianship. The OCLC Award for Innovative Cooperation Initiatives in the Caribbean recognizes a school, academic, public or national library for an innovative initiative that leverages cooperation in the planning and implementation of a program or service—ideally using technology—for the benefit of its employees, users or community. Nature of the Award: A plaque, a special prize and citation.

And the Award goes to

· The Alma Jordan Library, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad & Tobago

ALBERTINA PÉREZ DE ROSA Awards for Collaborative and Unique Projects, ACURIL Puerto Rico Chapter

Named after one of ACURIL's founder, the Albertina Pérez de Rosa Award recognizes and honors the excellent performance of collaborative information efforts, institutions, communities of practice or unique efforts of local or regional information units evidenced through the implementation of successful projects for the benefit of their clients in the Caribbean. Nature of Distinction: A plaque and a certificate.

The Awards go to three Libraries of the Dominican Republic with the Development of Repositories in their Universities

In October 2013, during the World Open Access Week, the APEC University Library organized, with the support of UNESCO, the First Seminar on Open Access of the Dominican Republic. It featured presentations by renowned specialists and activists of the Open Access movement from different countries of the Spanish-speaking region (Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba) and nearly two hundred participants from various institutions of the Dominican Republic.

As a result, three university libraries were given the task of creating institutional repositories of open access, whose objective is to gather, organize, preserve and give greater visibility to the intellectual production resulting from the academic and research activity of the three university communities. In the open access digital archive, books, magazines and other publications edited by universities, theses, academic articles, communications to conferences and teaching materials, among other documents, are integrated.

The libraries in charge of this production went through a process of raising awareness about the global paradigm of Open Access and about the contribution that universities make to the development of the Knowledge Society with this type of initiative. Likewise, faculty members of the universities are now more aware of the benefits of Open Access as it offers them greater visibility and more possibilities of citing and using their work.

And the Awards go to

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And to the Collaborative Collection Development Community of Practice of the University of Puerto Rico

• To the Collaborative Collection Development Community of Practice of the University of Puerto Rico

Established in 2007, the Community of Practice integrates librarians from the University of Puerto Rico who work collaboratively to strengthen the development of collections in the university system. The latest contribution is the publication entitled Special Collections of the University of Puerto Rico (2018).

The publication includes the collections: Sala Enrique A. Laguerre, UPR in Aguadilla, by Edwin Ríos Cruz; Collection of Interior Design Materials, UPR in Carolina, by Hilda R. Hernández Rivera; Workers Documentation Center Santiago Iglesias Pantín, UPR in Humacao, by Evelyn Solá Maldonado; Theater Hall Luis Rafael Sánchez, UPR in Humacao, by Violeta Guzmán Villanueva; Josefina and Manuel Álvarez Nazario Collection, UPR Mayagüez Campus, by Arelys Fernández Troche; Youth Architecture Collection, School of Architecture, Río Piedras Campus, by Jannette Babilonia Cortés; Judicial Documents and Special Collections Room, Law School, Río Piedras Campus, by José H. Morales Cardona; Puerto Rican Collection (Library and Hemeroteca Puertorriqueña), Library System, Río Piedras Campus, by María E. Ordóñez Mercado; Documentary Archive Victoria Espinosa, Multidisciplinary Information and Documentation Seminar José Emilio González, Río Piedras Campus, by José Robledo González