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5th Grade News - September 4, 2015

Upcoming Events

NO SCHOOL Monday, 9/7 (Labor Day)

Curriculum Night - Tuesday, 9/8 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (Your child has a BLUE sheet that outlines the agenda and schedule).

5th Grade Rocks T-shirt orders due Tuesday, 9/8

Reading Street test, Week 1 - Wednesday, 9/9

Spelling test - Wednesday, 9/9


We started Unit 1 of Reading Street, which focuses on the essential question: "What inspires us to act courageously?" Using the story Red Kayak and other short passages, we focused on the literary elements of Character and Plot, practiced identifying the 4 types of sentences, and examined writer's Point of View (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). We also continued learning routines and expectations in the classroom, and the students are doing a fantastic job! I plan to begin small guided reading groups next week.

We also reviewed expectations on how to blog using the "3 c's": (Conversation, Compliment, or Connection) and practiced with "paper blogs" this week. Each student wrote a "blog" about a subject of their choice, and other classmates read the blog and provided comments. Check out the picture below:

Paper Blogs

Big image


This week our focus was on reviewing the concepts of arrays, factors, and rules of divisibility. Finding all factors of a given number can be tricky for some, and the single most important thing that will help your child succeed is knowing their FACTS (multiplication/division). The Everyday Math curriculum assumes 5th graders are proficient with multiplication/division facts up to 12x12, so if your child is not there yet you can really help by having them practice every night!

We will be using Xtra Math as a tool to practice facts, and each student was able to log into their account (new this year, under Mrs. Turk) and should be practicing at home each night. Passwords are listed on the green password sheet on the inside of your child's planner. Thanks in advance for your support!


We kicked off Unit 1 in Science, which will be guided by the essential question: "How do the components of the solar system move and interact?" We watched a few videos on the solar system and gravity, and I shared the exciting news of both (1) the Moon Rovers we will be building using Vex Robotics kits, and (2) our field trip to the Challenger Space Center, which is Thursday, October 15th. More information to follow!


A huge THANK YOU to all the families who donated items to our classroom. You are much appreciated! We've been going through Kleenex like crazy this week :)

Thanks also for all of the responses to the 2 surveys on my Parent Haiku page. I'll try to get the directory out in the next couple of weeks.

Be sure to check and sign your child's Friday Folder!

I'd love to see all of you at Curriculum Night!

Have a fantastic long weekend, and enjoy the summer weather!!

Dana Turk