Andrew Jackson

Zero for America

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson created the spoils system to allow any of his supporters be able to land a job with the government. He took away jobs from qualified employers to instead give them to his unqualified supporters. This gave them a view into politics, but with some bias already in them.

Worchester v. Georgia

Jackson ignored the ruling of this supreme court case, which would have been better if he hadn't. It had come to the conclusion that the Native Americans on Georgia land had the right to stay, because it was their established home and one man shouldn't take it away from them. He didn't agree with the outcome, so he acted on his own to take the Natives out of their land anyway. He acted without any respect towards the system of the separation of powers the founding fathers put in place. This reaction was one of a tyrant.

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson removed the Native Americans off of their land, and relocated them to Oklahoma. The Natives had to walk to get to their new land, and thousands died along the journey. It became known as the "Trail of Tears", because it was a depressing journey filled with death and disease. Jackson could have prevented the death and suffering of all of these Natives by simply letting them stay of their land, but he didn't because he wanted more land for settlers and his supporters, and he wanted gold found on their land. He doesn't act like a president should, by treating the people who have tried hard to fit in to be american with equality and respect.

The Unfortunate Native Americans

It was very unfortunate that Andrew Jackson was in presidency while the Cherokee tribe was having issues with Georgia, because under a different president, the Natives might have been treated better and their land under some protection.