"It's A Wrap!"

Reminders as we finish up...

Pointers to consider as you progress toward the finish line!

-Use notes when you are entering a test / quiz for review!

-Time is very important right now, just push through and remember your teacher (TOR/Teacher On Record) can go back in and reset/ review if need be!

-Schedule a time to meet with your TOR to go over the types of questions on Cumulative

-Keep pushing yourself to complete as many lessons as possible.


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Expert Answers On... Teen Work/Life Balance


I'm 17 and trying to balance a part-time job and schoolwork. My teachers don't understand that I'm working until 11 p.m. and my employer doesn't understand that school is important.
- Shana*

It can be so hard to balance school and a part-time job! These days, with everyone's finances stretched, many students need to have a job. But it's essential to find a balance that lets you do your best at school and at work.

First, decide if you really need to work during the school year ― or on school nights. If the money you earn is essential to helping your family or saving for college, let your teachers know your situation and the work schedule you're currently keeping. Talk to your employer, too.

Talking to Teachers

Start with a teacher you think will be easy to talk to. When you approach him or her, focus on doing it in a friendly, respectful, calm, and positive way. Ask if it's a good time to talk. If it's not, set up a time that is.

When it's time to talk, be direct and honest about your situation. Take responsibility. Admit where you're falling short. For example, "I know I haven't been doing that well in your class. I haven't turned my assignments in on time and my test grades could be a lot better." (Or, "I'm having trouble keeping up with the reading assignments for this class," or whatever's true for you.)

Then go on to explain what's holding you back, such as, "I know I need to put more time into schoolwork, but I have a part-time job and on the nights I work, I don't get off until 11 p.m. That leaves me no time for homework or studying — and if there's a test the next day, I'm sunk. I need the job, but I also want to do well in school." Another way to explain the problem might be, "I'm trying to figure out how to balance work and school, but I'm having trouble doing it."

Your teachers might be able to give you extra time on project deadlines, provide study help, talk over strategies for prioritizing and managing schoolwork, or offer other suggestions to help you keep up. If you can't find a teacher who understands, ask your school guidance counselor for advice.

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