Monday Morning Message

Just a little note to start the week.

Spirit Week a Success

It was great fun seeing so many of the children participating in Spirit Week. Cherry and Gray day was a real hit among all, with some classrooms at 100% participation. Saturday was a perfect day for the parade and football game. Hopefully many of you were able to get to one or more of the Homecoming sporting events.

Dismissal Reminder

Please wait with your students in the classroom until your grade level is called for dismissal. There are times when several classes congregate in the hallway near exit doors, making it difficult to hear announcements. We certainly don't want to miss those important messages regarding bus changes. We also want to make sure the hallways remain safe. Crowded hallways make it difficult for children to move quickly to buses when called for dismissal. Staggering dismissal time is intended to help with that issue. Thank you for your help with this issue.

Bus Safety Lessons on Wednesday

Our annual on-bus safety lessons will be held on Wednesday of this week. For many years, our teachers joined bus drivers in the bus loop. The drivers delivered the lesson while standing in the front of the bus; the teachers went to the back and added to the discussion. The drivers greatly appreciated the support. Let's bring it back this year! If you are a classroom teacher without a scheduled meeting, please go out to a bus. This will be a great opportunity to infuse the "Be a Brave" traits Katie introduced on opening day while supporting our drivers in the work they do keeping our students safe.

The drivers will leave doors open until a teacher has boarded the bus. If the door is closed, a teacher is on it.

Special area, special education, and all other staff: Please assist with supervision across the building while classroom teachers are on the loop.


Speaking of volunteers. We are looking for staff members interested in helping the S.M.I.L.E. (Sympathy, Marriage, Illness, Laughter, and Events) team. With our emphasis on the House Structure, we believe the large group should plan two K-5 events -- a party in January after the busy holiday season and retirement celebration in June. With that said, we are hoping to get a couple of staff members from each house to serve on this committee so that S.M.I.L.E can support house celebrations as appropriate.

If you were a part of this committee before and wish to continue OR if you would like to join, now is the time! Please let me know then plan on attending an organizational meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 17 - Location TBD. If you cannot attend the meeting, we well get you caught up on all that you missed.

SIPT Plan Finalized

Last Tuesday the School Improvement Planning Team met and finalized the goals for the 16-17 school year. The goals and action steps are posted in the PES all-staff drop folder: SIPT. Please review so you know this year's focus and so you can consider ways to help us achieve our goals.

State of the "PAC" issues


We are gathering a list of rooms where clocks are not synchronized with the rest of the building. Jeff and his crew will adjust cannot promise they will stay correct. On the plus side, Jeff shared that new clocks were being ordered for the primary side of the building.

Chairs in the lounge

We learned that there were nice, comfy chairs around the perimeter of the primary-side staff lounge but not enough for around the tables. We asked and several were found and delivered to that space.

Room 607

If you've been in that room, you are probably thankful that's not the space where you are assigned to work. Jeff and his crew have moved out some of the old desks and chairs and have tried to make the space a little neater. It may be a work in progress but we are making some headway.

International Walk to School Day

On Wednesday, October 5th, the CCSD will participate in an International Walk to School Day. Its purpose is threefold: to promote safe routes to school, to increase physical fitness, and to increase environmental awareness. On that day, students who live within walking distance to school are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to school with parental supervision as appropriate. There will be no changes made to parent drop-offs in any of the buildings or for student drivers at the Academy. The day will involve Academy and Middle School students being dropped off at their own buildings as usual and then walking along supervised paths around the outside of their perspective buildings. The Primary-Elementary students will be dropped off as usual and then walk around the supervised fitness trail. The rain date for this event will be Thursday, October 6th.

This Week's Meetings and Activities

Lighthouse Team Meeting - Wednesday

Faculty Meeting - Thursday @ 3:30

Grade Level meeting, PK/K/3rd/Art - Wednesday @ 8:00