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ESOL classes 4/20 - 4/25/15

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General Information

Hello, everyone!!!
In this page, you will found what's happening in each of my ESOL groups. Each reading group reads between 2-6 books weekly (depending on how many times a week I serve them). In all my groups, we are learning about the importance of organizing our thoughts before we write (graphic organizers, lists, quick phrases, etc). Once we have done that, we can start writing and think about words that will describe better our thoughts and are age/grade appropriate (Words that make your writing Pop! Bulletin Board).

*4/22- Late Start

7:50-8:30 (M, W & F) Lv: C/D **(T & TH): Letter Recognition, Sounds, HFW

Word Work: Short and Long Vowel "e, i" Sounds (My Vowel Book), HFW

--Sequence of "how to" make an Apple Pie (Foldable)
-Interactive writing: What happened to Mother Bear when she went to get lunch?
-Use more words to describe (Words that Pop!)

8:35-9:05 (M,W & F) Lvl: H

Word Work: Consonant digraphs at the end of a word (-atch, -ath), Writing words with -ee (magnetic letters)

-Shared writing: Why do you think the Rabbit decided to trick the Coyote?
-Compose 2 or 3 sentences about what you learned about plants that eat bugs.
-Use words that Pop!

8:35-9:05 (T & Th) Lv: F

Word Work: Continue Blends (tr-,gr-, br-, fr-); add -ing

-Why do you think the bunnies went running to different places?
-Using words that Pop!

9:10-9:40 (M,W & F) *Math

-Continue practicing recognition of numbers (teens)
-Review of counting by 10's
-Introduction and practice of solving word problems

9:10-9:40 (T & Th) Lv: I

Word Work: Phonograms with VVC (-oak, -oad, -oat), Add -d

-Have you ever felt like Lola, being too tall or too short to do something you would like to do?
-Use words to make your writing Pop!

9:45-10:15 (M-F) Lv: P

*Marco Vaughn will be coming to help us be better readers and writers!!

Word Work: Multisyllable words

-Expository Essay

-Words that make your writing Pop!

10:20-10:45 (M-F) Lv: E/F

Word Work: Consonant cluster/blends (sl-, cl-, fl-, bl-, gl-, pl-)

-Interactive: Compose and construct 3 or 4 sentences telling what Ron does to keep Meli healthy.
-A lot of people have pets and they have to take care of them. If you have a pet or have had a pet before, what have you done to take care of it?
-Use words to make your writing Pop!

10:50-11:20 (M-F)Lv: M

Finish Novel Study: Lost!
-Word Study: Long and short "u & e" vowel sounds

-What do you think influenced Gaudi's many creations? (Shared writing)
-Make your writing Pop!

12:00-12:30 (M-F) Lv: L

Word Work: Plurals that add -s, -es, -ies; Homophones (bear, bare, etc..)

-After reading More than Meow, we learned how cats communicate. Write a story about a day when you noticed a cat being scared and angry.
-Think about why Sasha changed her mind about school lunches. Compare how Sasha felt at the beginning of the story and how she changed her mind about the school lunches. Show evidence form the text.
-Make your writing Pop!

12:35-1:05 (W & F) Lv: Q

Word Work:Homophones, Multisyllable words with Long Vowel sounds (succeed, complain, etc)

-Saving endangered animals could be important for some people, but not for others. What is your point of view? Do you think we need to take care of them or not? Support your reasons.
-Make your writing Pop!

1:10-1:40 (M, T & Th) *Math

-Long division
-Angles (Straight, Right, Acute, Obtuse)
*Use of protractor and reading angles.

1:45-2:15 (M-F) Lv: L

Word Work:Compound words (some-, every-, grand-, home-, -where, -one, under-)

-2nd & 3rd graders: Luis Soriano helped kids learn how to read and love books. Write a story about the day you helped someone learn how to do something.
-4th graders: Luis Soriano helped kids learn to love books. Write an essay to explain what did he do to accomplish that.

-Use words that make your writing Pop!

Questions or concerns?!

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email or leave me a note in my box. I will reply and/or come to talk to you as soon as I can.

Thank you!!!!

I want to thank everyone for the great work you are doing to continue support my students. It's making a difference!!