By Shelby Fenstermacher

Wanted by John Aycliffe for Theft


Asta's son was caught breaking into the manor of Lord Furnival and the steward, John Aycliffe after curfew. The boy then broke into the steward's money box and took everything in it. He was spotted running off into the woods with the money that same night. Aycliffe wants the boy dead and his money back. As to why the boy stole the money, his reasons are unconfirmed however, Aycliffe says it was his mother's death that caused him to go mad. The boy's home has been torn down and burnt to the ground by Aycliffe's orders. If anyone has any information regarding Asta's son's whereabouts, tell the steward immediately.


If found, bring him to John Aycliffe dead or alive. There shall be a reward of 20 shillings for the boy. Any information regarding the boy or where he may be shall be rewarded. He has been declared a wolf's head, so he may be killed if need be. The boy was last seen wearing a green shirt and brown trousers. He was last seen in the woods near the church. He has had enough time to go leagues and leagues so he might be had to find.

Where to bring him

Bring the boy to Lord Furnival's manor house dead or alive to collect your reward