Comparison of world religion

Chandler Beale


  • Started with Jesus Christ
  • The holy book is the bible (incloses the new and Old Testament)
  • Believe that Jesus die on the cross to save our sin so we can have everlasting live
  • There are 2 billion people following Christianity
  • It is monotheistic
  • Christians believe that they reach salvation by following the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • One short shorty is that Jesus die on the cross to save our sin and so we can have everlasting life. The Jesus die they wrapped with loft and put him into a tom. They put a huge boulder off the tomb. Three day people can the check on Jesus and the boulder was remove form the tomb. The loft that Jesus was raped in was folder up near his resting place and there was no Jesus


  • It was started because people were not believing in God, they said he wasn't answering their payers
  • It was beveled to be started by brahma, he was know as frontier in Hindu in mythology
  • Hinduism is polytheistic
  • They believe that. Stresses that person reach true enlightenment and happiness only after they free themselves from their earthly desires
  • It started in India
  • People 5,000 years ago people do not really know because it is the oldest religion in the world
  • There was a group of blind men and they were studying a elephant. They would touch a part and share it with the group. Then they stop and listened to the elephant and they say that a big light flashed and then that could see the elephant. It flashed again after a few second and that could not see anything.
  • 860 million followers
  • It spreads from story and believing
  • Brahman is the most divine sprite in Hindu religion
  • Brahmin priests are consider the leaders


  • Started by the teachings of the prophet Muhammad
  • Muhammad was believed to be the first follower
  • Islam is monotheistic
  • They believe in all prophets of Judaism and Christianity
  • It started in Arabian peninsula
  • Began in 662 EC
  • 1.5 billions believers
  • Islam holy bible is call Quran
  • There are no Priests, however a Muslim community leader know as the imam conducts the prayer in mosque