Divergent Book Spotlight Flyer

Book by: Veronica Roth Pages: #478

Book Summary By: Catherine Shih

The book Divergent will probably be the most life changing book you will ever read.

In a five faction dystopian chicago world, Beatrice Prior, a small little 16 year old girl, learns to battle a choice that will change her life forever. Along with a few very close friends and enemies Beatrice, Al, Christina, Will, Peter and Four will find the true demon and angel that lives within them. Little do they know, that they will need to go through competitive initiations and devastating consequences. Beatrice also has to fight through her feelings for her friends and a romance that seems unreal. But Beatrice has a secret, one dangerous enough to kill herself and also give her the most strength she will ever have. Read this book to find out how Beatrice fights through love, courage, and her darkest secret.

Point of View: Beatrice is the narrator which makes the point of view first- person.

Theme: There are many different themes in this book. Selflessness, Bravery, Honesty, Intelligence and Peacefulness. The themes collide into one. The meaning of this theme is to prove to people that they can't be just ONE thing. They can't just be selfless, but they can be selfless and at the same time brave and honest.

I personally connect to this theme, by always trying to be one thing, but ending up being more than one. Just like Beatrice in the book, she tries to conquer her fears, but she ends up being scared. At the end, she does succeed. I wish to be selfless, but I end up always being selfish. I try to be brave, but I end up being scared. Sometimes at the end I do end up being one thing, which is sometimes bad and sometimes good.

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