Explorer Smore

By: Grant Seckel

Columbus Questions

Who Financed his trip? Queen Isabela was the person that financed his trip.

What happened to Columbus' 1st settlement? It was Made up of 39 men that were left because there was not enough room on the ship.

What year did he make his first voyage? August 3rd 1492

Vasco de Gama Questions

Where did he sail? Set sail to India looking for a sea route.

What was Vasco de Gama the first to do? He was the first European explorer to sal to India.

What year did He set sail? July 8, 1497

How many miles did Vasco de gama sail? Around 24,000 miles.

How many sailors ended with him? 54 out of the original 170.


What did Magellan Study? He studied Astronomy and mapmaking for for 2 years.

How did Magellan change the world? He confirmed that the world was a globe not flat.

Where did he get his financing? Charles V helped finance his voyages.